The Saturday Session #35

Whoop, its not just any linky – its #thesatsesh bank holiday special, also known as week 35. Amazing for bloggers across the globe as we are extending the opening times to 8pm Monday GMT, with an extra 24 hours to play there are no excuses – this means if you are busy in the sun and spending time with loved ones, you still have the opportunity to join the party. (Extra special for Teachers as its also half term – a week of adventures with my little dude)

At the moment its Friday evening, my belly is full from a yummy curry, I am sitting with my bi-fold kitchen window open, at my new bar that the Mr and his mate built me, sun on my back and rosé in my glass – if thats not winning I’m not sure what is?

This notion of winning is completely the opposite of my featured bloggers post. Its titled ‘5 things not to say to someone struggling with depression’ and is written by the talented Naptime Natter creator Wendy. You can click the link here to read all about her top tips, but actually I didn’t pick it for its content. I selected it because I love it when writers create a piece that has heart and raw pain but also in the darkest lines, strands of hope and humour. Its a toxic and delicately balanced recipe for joy and something I think Wendy does so well. As Wendy highlights ‘Cheer up it may never happen’ has to be the cliché of things not to say, but humans are weird at the best of times. My worst insult when I was grieving for my daughter who had passed just months previously was “Do you want to hold my baby? it might make you feel better” needless to say I declined the offer and in my head shoved the baby someone that unlike my bar, the sun doesn’t shine. Please give Wendy the love that her blog of joy deserves, or just scroll over to Hayley’s blog to see who she has selected as her featured blogger by clicking here.

The rules to week 35 are just the same as previously BUT with the bonus 24 hours typing time. Have a peek below if you are in doubt, or click the blue box below.


  • Link up You can link up to 2 posts, old or new
  • Grab a badge Please do add #thesatsesh badge. You can do this by copying and pasting the badge code into the text/HTML area of your post within your publishing platform and its located in my side bar for your ease.
  • Tweet Share your posts on Twitter using the linky hashtag #thesatsesh and tag us in for retweets @fridgesays @mummy_mindful. Follow us if you don’t already please.
  • Comment sit back, relax (its the weekend after all). Please use #thesatsesh and in usual linky etiquette comment on each of the hosts posts, mine and Hayleys, the post before and after yours. If you comment on more, that would be wonderful but FOUR is more than enough
  • Following the rules means you may qualify for our featured blogger announced weekly, plus this linky is run by school teachers so detention for anyone that doesn’t

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Come and play in our IG community by using #thesatsesh for photos of your weekend or perhaps connected to a post you’ve linked. Follow us on Instagram @fridgesays and @mission_mindfulness_blog and we will keep up to date and follow you back.

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