Happy is the new rich

Great work from Anon.

Every now and then society enjoys a fad; minimalist living, various diets, exercise comes in an out of fashion – Zumba, HIIT workouts, hula hooping, unicorns and Pom-Pom’s, the list is endless. I’ve noticed that happiness is currently on the pedestal.

This is a fad that regular readers will know I completely adore. Every morning, whether I wake by the sunlight flowing through the window or my son pounces on my head like a meteorite – I choose happiness. It’s a decision that I continue to make throughout the day, most days. Sometimes I forget but then I look at my happiness bank account, I’m wealthy. A quick gratitude list of my assets helps to keep me flowing; abundant in good health for myself and family, a job that I adore (except on Monday mornings when I’m snuggled in bed and the alarm goes off) I am surrounded by a tribe of awesome people…and my dog, candles, books…

Being a millionaire of happiness is pretty awesome. My actual bank manager can’t touch it, I can spend it like confetti and the more I give out, the more I get back…win.

It takes effort and mindfulness, it takes self discipline to redirect my attention when the darkness creeps in – but I will always consciously decide to be happy.

If you live under darkness, then you too can be rich. It starts by doing one thing you enjoy for a few moments and allowing the light in. You’ll quickly find that a few pounds of happiness have been credited to your bank account. However, I fully appreciate that at times professional help is required and self care is needed. The great news is recognising your own needs also credits your happiness account.

I asked my five year old son why happiness was important?

“because it means you can do things that make you smile”

If I feel sad what should I do?

“Lots of things – get a drink, drinking water makes me and my tongue happy”

*warning being happy is highly addictive and is super annoying for anyone who isn’t happy.

** Five year olds are the epicentre of happiness and the true experts. However, ten seconds later they can explode in a ‘Hulk smash’ mentality and truly depict the fragility of being happy.


43 thoughts on “Happy is the new rich

  1. An amazing post, thanks! I really love the idea of being a millionaire of happiness. You’ve just made me smile and put a few quid in my happiness account!


  2. I love this! I have written a post on just this which I shall link up next week. We all need reminding of this don’t we from time to time. Thank you for sharing. xx


  3. This is a lovely post. I worked at a summer camp in the USA in my younger years – we spent a lot of time sharing what we were thankful for – it’s a great practice I try and remember to do. The happiness fad is certainly a better one than pineapples or unicorns! #thesatsesh


  4. Let happiness rain! I often use motivational quotes around the house to remind me that life is too short to cry over spilt milk and that happiness can be created in so many forms. #blogcrush


  5. This is so important in a world where all sources of media are constantly negative. You have to remind yourself to think positive and be happy. Thank you for the reminder this Friday morning!


  6. I heard once that only 2% of the population choose to be happy, how could anyone not choose it. I can’t understand those that get up in a bad mood and moan about everything. Of course, I annoy them bitterly with my happy demeanour 🙂


  7. Happy is not easy, but it’s worth investing in! And you’re right – the more you spend it, the more you have in your account!

    And someone did just that by adding this post to the BlogCrush linky to bring it some extra exposure. Congratulations! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂 #blogcrush


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