A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

Quote by Phyllis Diller

It’s late at night and I’ve been exhausted all week, you think I’d be snuggled up in bed, but I feel the need to vomit words all over this screen – so here I am typing, no plan and no agenda, just a over tired woman and the need for some typing therapy. Ahhhh I’m already smiling.

Lets talk about the humble smile…a simple smile is the easiest and cheapest way to live longer, give your health an over all make over (it reducing your chance of heart disease, lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress). New research even suggests that it increases your chances of success and it makes you more attractive to a potential partner or new born baby; seriously babies love a cheesy grin.

So with these facts in mind why don’t we smile more, do smile-aerobics, smile indulge diets (like a diet but increasing not decreasing – yup I made the phrase up), why don’t we take time to laugh, like we make time to do chores or attend important meetings?(*any meeting that claims to be important are always extra dull and guarantee to be pointless). Honestly, I’m not really sure of the answer, but its something that I think adults should do more.

I’m lucky that I never lost the ability from my childhood to belly laugh – I’m talking full tears, can’t breath, abdominal workout, could possibly die, hard core LAUGH. I do this most weeks and several days of those weeks. Maybe whilst reading this you’re pondering on when you last ‘lost it’ in the giggle department? Mine was yesterday when one of my GCSE pupils used Hannah Montana as an answer in her MOCK exam, or two days before that when one of my yr 7 pupils was in a drama lesson being a shark (obviously) and her jaw ached so badly in rehearsals that when she drank from her water bottle her mouth muscles spasmed sending the water the wrong way and out popped the water via her nose…yup, kids are funny. My son comes out with killer phrases of both joy and oddness most days, his five years old, so humour and naivety are his friends.

I’m not sure I can teach you how to belly laugh? I think it comes from living in the moment and not being afraid to control situations. I think its helped by watching youtube clips of cats falling, babies giggling and humans failing. wikihow has a link to ’11 steps to laugh more’ (with pictures) which I haven’t linked because I think its rather sad. I think we all have belly laughs waiting to explode within us and would totally encourage you to release them.

Mr F, as regular readers will know is a grumpy human, his face falls in a nature frown and very few things make him chuckle or smile even slightly. He mainly smiles when I’m rolling on the floor laughing at something and I’m in pain from it. Seriously, pain makes him smile – mainly at my expense. That’s the absolute joy of smiles, they come in all shapes and sizes and what makes an individual smile is unique to them.


Write down three things that make you laugh / smile. My ‘try not to think before you type’ ideas go something like this:

  1. watching stand up comedians
  2. people watching
  3. horrendous ‘Dad jokes’ (Need to build an ark – I Noah a guy)

Now you have your list make time to do these every week, then daily and I promise you’ll be healthier and see many advantages, then add to the list of things that make you smile, there will be so many more than just three. I’m also partial to an old school cartoon like Tom and Jerry or Henry’s Cat. Laughing is contagious, so if you smile it also boosts those around you.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I’ve had a seriously heavy week of being an adult, stress levels were high, responsibility lists were long and juggling home, work and life was a challenge – time to pop of some cartoons on I think?

Please comment below with either the things that make you laugh or your favourite Dad joke (the lamer the better) and when I’m feeling overwhelmed i’ll pop back for a smile through the comment section 🙂


22 thoughts on “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

  1. I love a really good comedy and spending time with my sister as we always end up laughing. #thesatsesh


  2. I used to keep a gratitude log where I wrote at least one thing every day that made me happy. It’s amazing how uplifting it is to read when you’re having a shit day. #thesatsesh


  3. NIghtly I take my 7 year old and roll her around my bed “making a pizza.” She laughs sooo hard! It makes my husband and I laugh. We tickler her and roll her around and it is such a great way to end the day. #thatsatsesh


  4. i was saying only yesterday I love the way kids laugh without any sense of self consciousness and with their entire being. I know a few people like that , and I love them the most, I think because , if you are a person who does that you are probably a person who lives in the moment, who is mindful and who really ‘sees’ the world. Fortunately I am (un)married to such a man and we often laugh til it hurts, often about the strangest little thing or something i couldn’t really say in public. The last one was when we were staying at our son and DIL’s house and their cat came in through the window in the middle of the night. Hubby, stark naked, got out of the bed , lights weren’t working, all i could see and hear was him squealing like a young girl and the cat hissing and growling; and two shadows, one of a naked man curled and shying away , the other of a fluffed up cat that had swelled to the size of a puma. I was crying and shaking with laughter and every time i managed to stop the last sigh would set me off again. !!!


  5. Things/people that make me laugh: listening to the giggles and chuckles of my own children – twin 1 has a PROPER belly laugh too :-), Lee Mack, Micky Flanigan and the like, dancing around the lounge 🙂 xxxx Hope this week is better xx


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