You’ll turn out ordinary if you’re not careful

Quote by Ann Brashares.

This quote made me smile. So many people of all ages lack a love for themselves. Why? Most of us are trying to be someone we aren’t. Perhaps not all of the time, but as we juggle all of the various hats on that we wear throughout the day we prefer the fit of some and hide behind others.

During my early teaching years I tried to emulate colleagues who I thought did the job well, or teachers who taught me. It didn’t work. It wasn’t me.

As a mother that was an entirely new hat (complete with ruined core muscles) that took a while to fit. I needed my hat adjusted as I took on the new role. To work out who my mum tribe was, to raise my little dude in our own way and to adjust the hat to fit me. I can’t mum like my mother did, I’m not her, although she is an amazing example, I’m raising my child in a different era with a new journey ahead of us. It took a while and needs constant adjusting but my mum hat is bespoke. It’s me and it fits like a dream.

I’m not sure anyone is happy to live an ordinary life, I think we would all opt for sparkle and quirk. However, there are a few things you need to do to live this life.

  • You need to be brave, to step away from the crowds when it doesn’t suit you.
  • You need a tribe around you that accepts you, cracks an’ all.
  • You need time to yourself, balanced with time with loved ones. There is a lot of research to suggest we ‘are’ the five people we spend the most time with. If these people are ordinary so are you.

I can’t juggle my ever growing hat stand without time for myself; to be creative, to be healthy and to be quiet. The world is a whirl of distractions and so I need to breath and pause, to check I’m on the pathway that best fits me.

This week perhaps you need to check your own hat stand out. The hats that are last season, the hats you hate, the hats you wear because everybody else does. Perhaps it’s even time to buy a new hat. Just make sure the hats are your own design and not made for somebody else.

Happy hat shopping.


43 thoughts on “You’ll turn out ordinary if you’re not careful

  1. I definitely need to throw away some hats, and stop picking ones up that belong to other people. I’m working on it, but think my own hats are buried in the pile. Must dig them out! #thesatsesh


  2. Lovely thought. Especially like your words about finding what’s best for us. in the end of the day, that the only one which counts. Whatever makes us happy. #thesatsesh


  3. I am very blessed that I have an amazing tribe around me. Amazing women (and men) who pour into me calling me out of my comfort zone. #thatsatsesh


  4. our personal tribes are everything…just writing about that now funnily enough. I actually also wrote a post way back when about my very large hat collection xx lovely blog as always #thesatsesh x


  5. Great post. I’ve been thinking lately that I need to get rid of a few hats to make way for some better ones, or at least put them at the back of the stand and not feel guilty about it. Maybe I’ll go do that now. #thesatsesh


  6. You do forget who you are when you become a mum…that’s why my blog is ordinary Mummy…there’s no such thing! I am trying to remind myself as much as every other mum that despite being caught up in the day to day ‘ordinary mum’ stuff, that is not really a ‘thing’. I am still me…I may not wear that hat every day, but it’s important to dust it off and wear it proudly now and again.
    Lovely…thank you for writing ❤️


  7. I am very ordinary and I am quite happy with that. Thanks for the post. It made me smile. Pen x #thesatsesh


  8. Love this quote. I think I may come across as ordinary to people who don’t know me but scratch the surface and there is so much more that I reserve for myself and the special people I love. I will be checking my hats this weekend though. Thank you for hosting #thesatsesh


  9. I love this post. “Just make sure the hats are your own design and not made for somebody else” is a brilliant analogy. I always try to have an ‘individual’ hat but I’m off to check my hat stand just to make sure! 😁 #thesatsesh


  10. Ohh I love this!! I think sometimes I wear my most ‘on trend’ hat to be like everyone else when in reality my hat would probably look all types of quirky, to match who I really am. Love this post xx #thesatsesh


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