You are not weak for needing time to sort through this

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Currently I’m in a whirlwind of festive get togethers, chores and life’s demands. December brings joy but also preparation. As regular readers will know I also go HUGE on intentions and goals, as we step into 2019 my bucket list flows with plans, ideas and steps towards making my dreams come true.

The carousel of life, even in the most joyful times can sometimes need a pause. As a park ride, the carousel has always been a favourite of mine. Usually in the centre of the action, the glistening fairy lights and twinkling music draws my inner child in like a warm hug. However, I wouldn’t want to stay on a carousel for a long period of time. Life’s issue – even joyful moments are often served quick and unexpected. The joy is in a moment and a moment should never last a life time.

You are not weak or selfish for needing time to sort through an issue that’s present in your life. Often as humans, much like a carousel we are presented with an issue, or view of the world, think we’ve dealt with it, only to see the pattern emerge in another aspect of our life.

I urge you to create time to reassess your journey. To jump off of the carousel and spend time sorting through the issue. Life is best with variation and the carousel isn’t going anywhere, so take a ride on the Big Dipper, you never know what you’re missing.


23 thoughts on “You are not weak for needing time to sort through this

  1. Life as a dad of 4 is busy and full on. There’s always something going on and I feel like this sometimes.I take the break seriously and enjoy them.


  2. That was so me last week. I just needed to tap out. I was so overwhelmed and wanted to crawl in a hole. I took it hour by hour with small tasks and safe to say I am in a better head space. #thatsatsesh


  3. This is so true. I am a big fan of having one word which symbolises what I want to achieve in a year. In 2016 my word was ‘consolidation’. 2015 was such a difficult year that I just had to climb off the carousel and reassess what was happening and what had happened. In 2016 my aim was not to have any change. I was going to consolidate the changes that I had made in 2015 and take some time to reassess, to regroup and to recharge. Pen x #satsesh

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  4. Good advice… I spend a lot of my time focusing on the day by day needs, what’s most important at each present time. And that is helpful for me. But I also feel that I would like to set myself a little bit more direction. Not sure about setting up very specific goals, but some lines to follow to give everything a little bit more structure would perhaps be fruitful and good for my mind and soul? xx


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