The Saturday session #54

Welcome to another #thesatsesh blog, thanks for joining us and i’d like to take the opportunity wish you an awesome week ahead. I’m personally trying to keep November very present and calm. I’ve already seen the Christmas decorations in the shops and I refuse to have the last 60 days of the year swept up in a sea of tinsel. I’m making the most of what November has to offer…so far traffic jams, pumpkins and late nights at work…ooo and sparklers. I guess like most months the good and the bad.

As always my cohost Hayley has picked a featured blogger (click here to see who it is) or keep reading and see who I selected. This week Isabel from ‘Sustainable responsible living’ caught my eye, her post lit up the linky…(too corny? even for me) Okay, she wrote a post all about ‘being a lighthouse for others’ – a metaphor I adored. Reaching out and creating a positive and conscious life it what my life it all about, obviously I’m still in training pants, but its something I strive from. If your new to Isabel’s blog then its certainly worth a read, she solves environmental issues in a compassionate and kind manner – whats not to love! She is also not too hippy and operates in the real world so her results are achievable. This week I listened to a podcast that has shown me I need to stop eating meat, I’ve made little nudges to it, but I know in the next few months this is a goal I personally need to strive for. Gosh, being kind is exhausting! One thing that isn’t is Isabel’s view of the world #inspiring

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