Listen to your body, it’s smarter than you.

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It was in my twenties that I first witnessed someone that was silly drunk. I happen to have been driving that night and my sober perspective of the unattractive drunk stuck with me. The woman kept drinking and then throwing up. I remember thinking, your body is repelling the poison and you’re still drinking? Finally the body won, she was out cold. In a state of semi consciousness not even her determination to drink could occur whilst she slept.

People that consume too much of just about anything usually end up with a medical condition that prevents them from having any more. It usually comes with a warning from the body, a wobble and a demonstration of struggle.

Inactive people also see signs from the body, physical but usually also a mental deterioration.

Most days I make time to be still. Either at the end of a yoga practise, meditation or flat out on the bed in a pile of exhaustion. Recently I’ve learnt to listen for the signs my body gives me to stop prior to getting ill. I then try and redirect my attention and where possible resettle the balance. It’s usually solved by an early night, a little more veg or a vitamin boost. The body’s needs aren’t that complex. Like a new born it needs to be kept warm, fed, and dry…when we push our bodies due to misbalanced lives it screams out and doesn’t thrive.

In the UK as we move in to both colder months and also busy social calendars, I urge you to joining me in listening to your body. It’s like your mother, it knows best. Indulge it what it needs and I promise it will reward you with a healthier and vibrant you.

*disclosure; or rather an apology to my body. I’m imperfect and have over the years pushed my body too far, drank too much, consumed too many calories, not enough or frankly ignored my body’s capacity to be smarter than me.

Sorry body.


23 thoughts on “Listen to your body, it’s smarter than you.

  1. One of the good things about getting older is having to listen to our bodies, and not doing daft things to excess because we just can’t anymore. If that can be called wisdom, great, but more often it’s just we can’t do the heavy drinking thing, or its equavalent any more. #thesatsesh


  2. That’s brilliant advice. I’m guilty of a few too many drinks at Christmas, and this year I’m busier than ever so it would be easy to get rundown, so I need to make sure I’m not pushing myself too hard. If I my we had little lights like a mobile phone battery!


  3. very timely advice. as much as we like to party and do silly things, ultimately we will have to deal with the results (which we probably won’t share as openly as our parties) – so thank you for reminding us all of being a little more honest to ourselves..


  4. You are so right. My body has been reacting to full time teaching Reception again as I’m continually loosing my voice! My TA has even started to shh me as I obviously talk way too much.
    I so agree with you though. Our bodies need stillness, exercise, good food and fresh air. Thanks for the reminder. #thesatsesh


  5. My weakness over the years has been a bit of a sweet tooth. I don’t like sweets but cakes and chocolate have entered my body. I have recently noticed that I get tummy aches if I eat too much of the wrong thing. #thesatsesh


    1. Ooo i have an office full of delights, so at home I have posh choccies and if I swerve the naughty office all day I reward myself with one chocolate. *like a chocolate sticker chart


  6. In my late teens and early twenties I didn’t listen to my body at all, in fact I did everything to numb any thoughts because what I was going through was too painful to face, so drinking and going out all night was my way to escape what I desperately needed to face, so I could begin to heal. I learned the hard way that holding onto so much pain and secrecy was the worst thing for my body and alcohol didn’t help make it better. I still miss signs at times, but I know my body better now. #thesatsesh


  7. i try really hard to listen to my body and be kinder to it than i used to be, but its so fickle, it keeps changing the bounaries!!! however, i do have far more respect for it these days than i used to #thesatsesh


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