The Saturday Session #55

Thank you for joining us for week fifty five of #thesatsesh, feel free to use the hashtag on social media to promote what you are up to this weekend. I’m being rather exotic on Saturday mixing watching my son at Judo with a haircut for him in the afternoon – don’t be jealous.  I won’t type Sundays cleaning plans, they may make you feel inadequate about the lack of thrill in your own life.

As always you can see who Hayley has picked as her featured blogger (click here), or you can read about my choice. Kelly from Day dreams of a Mum who wrote a superb blog all about the little wins of life and so it was easy to pick my featured blogger. I loved the post because I do believe that whilst we all strive for the mountain tops of life, we often miss the view along the way. It also highlighted to me that individuals have different challenges to others, that what I may consider effortless another may find a struggle or unattainable. I’m also a huge fan of celebrating and think that there are so many wins in life if we choose to celebrate them. Tonight, I am certainly going to raise a glass to Kelly and her list of wins. Its a post that I think we can all grow and blossom from.

If you’d like to join us for all the fives, then read the rules below, click the blue box at the end of this post and read some awesome posts from a variety of talented bloggers. I’d also like to thank everyone who joined us last week, I really enjoyed reading your work.


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