Beauty is an attitude

Quote by Estée Lauder

Boom! This quote is everything. For those of you born with a disadvantaged face, that thinks they need to be something that they aren’t, that believes beauty is physical – it’s a good day. You need two things to be beautiful and neither are related to HOW you look.

I hate to double quote but Roald Dahl gives us an insight into beauty with gem from the classic children’s book The Twits:

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

You see kind thoughts create our reality and as I’ve discussed in so many of my posts, when you come from a place of good basic maths tells us that good things can be the only outcome, so rule one is think good thoughts and don’t forget this means thinking kindly internally about yourself and your capabilities.

So now the thoughts are flowing in a state of positivity, it’s time to put the coat of attitude on. Many jump for the obvious option – arrogance, but that often becomes ugly quickly and comes from your ego. That said, it can be breathtakingly beautiful (its usually the images you see on the front of magazines). I would encourage you to select my personal favourite; the transparent sparkly rain Mack. Basically how this item works is you are you – it’s transparent so everyone can see you. The sparkles are the bits you want to show off, extend those eyelashes with your favourite mascara, wear a top that makes you feel fabulous, style your hair in a way that makes you magical; that’s your sparkle. Then own that Mack, write your name in it. Invest in it and of course look after it. Hold your head high and I promise you will feel beautiful. This in turn will magnetise you to lovely people, wonderful experiences and genuine compliments. Beauty is an attitude, not a physical state.



23 thoughts on “Beauty is an attitude

  1. I agree so much. Big, small, does not matter. Your beauty comes from within. A good attitude shines brightly. #thatsatsesh


  2. This is so true. We often evaluate beauty in terms of physical appearance but so often the most attractive people have personalities that are anything but. Our kids have limited control over their physical appearance, but they can absolutely choose whether or not to be beautiful on the inside. #thesatsesh


  3. hello lovely! Happy Wednesday, I was having a similar discussion with my 14 year old, how attraction grows when we know someone to be kind, and lessens when someone is mean. I was saying how I was attracted to her dad straight away, but over the years I find him even more attractive because I am so in love with him. I have met many a good looking face, that soon turned into a toad lol


      1. haha that is true, also popping back to say. . . . Thanks heaps for linking up with us xx #AbloggingGoodTime


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