Ssshhh I’m hiding from negative people

Quote Anon

This quote/ phrase made me smile. However, there is good news if you too are in hiding. You do not need to hide. Which is great as the media distributes negativity like Cath Kidson prints flowers, the majority of the world are moaning and if like me you try and keep your vibration up it can feel like the universe in colluding against you.

I am a ninja of positivity and a black belt in keeping my vibration high, why? My soul mate is a miserable git. This means I live with the dark side and over the years I’ve learnt all the tricks. Below I’m going to spread the love on how to remain positive when faced with doom (also known as ‘living with Mr F – a survival guide’).

  • Energy is attracted to like, so if you can spend time with like minded peeps – do so. I always avoid large meeting spaces like the staffroom, or children’s soft play – seriously stressful places.
  • When Mr F is downstairs in a grump, I move myself upstairs or to another room, I drown his noise out with music that’s upbeat
  • Change the subject. If you’re in a good enough vibration to hear that the person you’re talking to is being negative change the subject. If you can’t close that conversation down and get away. (See previous bullet point)
  • Sometimes I laugh at Mr F, probably not the best advice but it raises my vibration and is a clear message to him that he is grumpy.
  • I make time in the morning to work on me, before the world and Mr F grunts. This means I’ve already established my pattern and I’m flying high. (Things you can do to achieve this include meditate, listen to your thoughts, set intentions, establish a good morning routine, listen to a positive podcast)
  • I end the day how I want. I don’t follow Mr F to bed when he is tired. I might stay downstairs or do my own thing. If I do follow him it ends up in a squabble.
  • I keep busy – feeling accomplished helps me to vibrate higher.
  • If a crack of a smile should enter Mr Fs face I celebrate it. AKA enjoy it whilst it lasts.

How do you stay smiling when the world outside is grey?


24 thoughts on “Ssshhh I’m hiding from negative people

  1. This is great, I have a Mr Grump occasionally but luckily for me he’s chipper most of the time. When he gets grumpy I tend to go off shopping and spend his money, a little silent victory on my part then I come home better able to deal with him! #thesatsesh


  2. Oh this is great. Sometimes I can find myself in a rut and I don’t know if I’m feeling the negative energy of others but it’s good to have tactics for avoiding it. X #thesatsesh


  3. I love this post. I have a similarly grumpy other half. My mates are a lifeline in keeping my mood up. I’ve also started journaling and have started a page of happy memories and one for places I want to visit this year. It helps to have happy things to focus on. Thanks for linking to #Thesatsesh


  4. Snap! I have a much-grumpier-than-me other half too! We should put them all in a room together and let them grump at each other. And then we Happy Ladies can put some music on really loud and shake our wiggles out together. #thesatsesh


  5. Some great advice! And I often find you take on a lot of the people you surround yourself with, so you’ve done well avoiding negativity! #TheSatSesh


  6. I am very much a glass half full and my husband is a half empty. I do not let it get me down. I choose to see the best even in the hardest situation. #thatsatsesh


  7. Great ideas- the music works well for me- I love a hairbrush-microphone in the mirror session. I like going outside, even if it is only for short bursts to break up the day and kick-start me into positivity, motivation and productivity again! Also, I agree with avoiding the negative spaces altogether if you can! #thesatsesh


  8. The right music in the car will always help, and making jokes. If me and the hub have both had bad days rather than drown in our own misery we basically turn it into a joke. If you dont laugh you’ll cry right? xx #thesatsesh


  9. Love this – I know you already know this but my gratitude journal really helps me keep the greyness away. I agree about setting yourself up in the morning for positivity and DEFFO keep away from the staffroom. Teachers are the WORST for moaning! xx #thesatsesh xx


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