Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being you.

Quote by Wayne Dyer.

As we approach the end of the first month of 2018, I felt this quote resonated with every human on the planet who had set a new goal, challenge or New Years resolution. Particularly those who have already hung up their gym pass, quit the diet or has found their soul drowned in another bowl of soup… it happens.

For goal setting targets I’ve written several posts Click here to read why it pays to be stubborn but at perhaps a time that you have ‘failed’ ‘given up’ or realised that dry January isn’t an excuse to drink gin for a month (*I was sad when I heard this too) I want to remind you that you are awesome just the way you are. Sounds sickly I know, but it’s true. You are good at being you. I promise that if you have kids they love our imperfections and all; although I wouldn’t directly ask them. This week I curled my hair and my son (four years old) told me I looked like Rapunzel. As a Disney fan I was blown away – until he corrected me that it was the witch he was thinking of.

I don’t want to bring my children up in a world where perfection is ‘plastic fantastic’ where desirable looks can only be accomplished by a thousand filters and the social media acceptance of an abundance of hearts, likes and comments. I don’t want humans to become robotic and only come in ‘one size fits all’, our imperfections create our beauty.

We all have talents that vary from scientist geniuses, medicinal wizards and international superstars… I make a fantastic roast, can occupy a toddler in a car for multiple hours and give good hugs (not all at the same time), I make a good friend, kind teacher and feel accomplished most days.

As we jump into February I urge you to take five minutes, pour a coffee and write a list of everything you like about yourself. I advise you to be kind to yourself; treat yourself to those new jeans, the shoes or that ‘thing’ that floats your boat. If I was a doctor I would prescribe you with a luxury treatment, a trip to the cinema, or a date night that’s overdue… if you have a new born then I’m adding a hot drink to that prescription. Allow February to be the month you made time for self love, for gratitude for all you do have. I promise it’s more than most.

You’re the best and being you. You’re already winning in 2018, you don’t need to change a thing.


30 thoughts on “Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being you.

  1. Lovely post. You are right. Our loved ones love us for who we are. I remember I changed my hair drastically when my son was about 4. He was devastated! I thought I looked great but he cried and said I didn’t look like his mummy any more! He was eventually fine when I had coaxed him into a hug and he could tell it was me! Love all your little bumps, quirks and oddities because that’s what make you, you. #thesatsesh


  2. hear hear.although when my son was small I had my hair cut to mid neck length and my son wouldn’t even look at me he was so upset!! Having said that he did cope much better when me and hubby both died our hair bright pink for charity and turned up for a school meeting…. i am really exceptional at embarrassing my son #winner


  3. As always, you speak the truth. It’s good that we’re all different and in that lies all that is interesting in the world. It’s so important to be kind to ourselves and remember all the awesome qualities that each of us have. #thesatsesh


  4. You’re so right. I spend time making sure my kids are accepting of differences, quirks and individual talents, but it’s easy to forget about it for yourself. #thesatsesh


  5. This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I am feeling a bit of failure at the mo (never mind, I am picking myself up and dusting myself off as we speak!) I can’t even comment on this linky on time!!
    I totally agree that we need to embrace our imperfections and it is so important for our children to see this and appreciate that perfection is virtually impossible.
    If it makes you feel better when my eldest was younger she once told me I looked like I worked on a farm! I was feeling quite glam up until that point!
    #thesatsesh from about 95 years ago!


    1. Babes, you do need to be kinder to yourself. It’s not easy being human – another reason I’m going to become a Mermaid x sending love and thanks for commenting


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