Never be a prisoner of your past, it was just a lesson not a life sentence

I’m not sure who this quote is by, but it seems to have a Hindu / Urdu meaning and this just makes it even cooler for me. 

We blame ourselves for past behaviours, but actually no matter how poorly we behaved, we did it in the moment with little thought of the repercussions. Many of the things we do as humans are often unkind (seriously take a look at the rate we are destroying planet earth) and yet we are also unaware of the how our behaviour both positive and negative can have on others. I once saw a girl in my school and asked if she was ok. I wasn’t particularly worried about her, but she didn’t look herself, it was a thirty second conversation. Several days later I found out through her form tutor that she had opened up about our brief conversation, until I had noticed she had felt totally unloved and disregarded…this time my words healed. I had no idea. 

I also can remember a time I allowed a man in my life to make me feel small, insignificant and he totally discounted my feelings and my heart. Luckily I later realised he wasn’t worthy of my time, love or energy. Sadly, he was probably reflecting his own faults on me and I allowed this. He had no idea. 

What’s my point? It’s that we totally underestimate the power of words, actions and our daily vibrations that we put out to the world, not just negative but also positive. We harber events in our lives and hold on to them for too long. Turning our minds in to lost property boxes full of ‘could have, should have’ regrets and empty promises. 

Life really is a journey and one that we are so blessed to take. Some of us experience horrendous things that others couldn’t imagine…but that doesn’t make us hideous, it was just events of that moment in time, lessons not life sentences.So how do we stop this cycle of hurt? unlike a prison sentence we learn from them.

  •  I will never let a man or woman make me feel anything other than fabulous. 
  • I will never underestimate the power of asking someone if they are ok 
  • I will always take the time to listen to their responses – this is living and inturn enhances our positive vibration. 

Each day as I work towards being kinder to my family and friends I also need to be kinder to me. Perhaps I didn’t react the way I’d liked in any given situation the day before, may be I wasn’t the best me I could be. This isn’t a life sentence. This is me and all I am required to do is live better each day and not repeat the same mistakes once I’ve recognised them, which sounds easier than actioned, So be kind to you today and let the past go, it might just be your ‘get out of jail free card’ to a better quality of life.  


32 thoughts on “Never be a prisoner of your past, it was just a lesson not a life sentence

  1. I think these are very wise words to live by. It’s so easy to let others undermine us, but we need to be strong! #satsesh


  2. Wise words here- I like the one about taking time to listen. Time is definitely the greatest gift we can offer another human being. #thesatsesh


  3. Ahh, love this! My llife motto is no regrets; everything happens for a reason and is a learning opportunity and if it was something crap, or someone hurt us, or we hurt someone, then in theory, it shouldn’t happen again. But you’re so right, we must also learn that we can have a positive effect on things too. #thesatsesh


  4. This is beautiful. I know that tiny things that the person saying it would think was insignificant has been huge for me.Like your ‘are you ok ?’ example x


  5. Words can really hurt, abuse can come in many forms. Kindness really does matter! This touched my heart xx #thesatsesh


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