Example is leadership (Intro)

Quote by Albert Schweitzer

Being human is complex. I’m not sure I’d actually like to consider myself part of the human race – we’re very often mean, selfish and ignorant. However, I am no different and have had my fare share of moments when I have imparted negativity on others; the awkward time (before I became a Teacher) that I got horrendously drunk at the office party and was a drunken pain in the *insert body part of your choice, to my then boyfriend. The time I was cruel to my best friend and ignored her, I was twelve; that isn’t an excuse and I was a horrid because I didn’t realise how much hurt I had caused her. The thousands of times over the last thirty something years I have spilled vile comments out of my mouth like grenades to loved ones, friends and even the women who carried me in her stomach for nine months (sorry Mum)…

Due to my disability (being human) I can’t promise that I won’t do any of the above things again over the coming days, years or moments. I also will probably experience grenades of negativity from others because other people that I share this planet with have the same disability, the population is increasing ten fold and this means human condition grows.

HOWEVER, what we do have is the ability to slow down. To breath and to make kinder choices, to say nothing instead of the horrendous words and actions we have previously intwined together. How? Well I have never claimed to have all the answers, but I have made a conscious effort for many years to be kinder, gentler and positive. I take my position as a role model extremely seriously, I care about how I present myself,  as I want the girls that I teach to present the best them to the universe. I care about how I make others feel because I believe that karma is something that rhymes with rich and I want my son to grow up with characteristics that matter. So, with my disability in check, I make these adjustments both forwards and back and sometimes I win and sometimes like any disease it takes hold of me.

For as long as I can remember I have collected people. (*Authorities need not worry there are no humans in my basement – in fact I don’t have a basement) Metaphorically speaking I have always been fascinated by humans, people watching is one of my favourite past times. When I was at university my bestie and I would sit in the front of a local cafe with a huge cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows people watch from the shop window. As we were both on a drama degree we would often create scenarios for the people and why they were in town, what they had purchased and usually added unnecessary details like what they had had for dinner and who they were sleeping with.

Much like horror movies, we all seem to be attracted to what we also dislike – my love / hate is humans. So, I have decided to share with you some of my favourite icons with a new series. I hope that my sharing the qualities I recognise in them, you can take something away with you that you see in people around you. Most of them will be famous, some will be personal and a few will be somewhere in between.

I will attach this post to the series titles so that readers will hopefully understand why this series exists, because no matter what our age from zero to one hundred we all need role models  to help us thrive.

One obvious last question – who are your role models, idols, mentors or humans that offer hope? 


29 thoughts on “Example is leadership (Intro)

  1. Currently having a ‘slow down’ day. If someone annoys me I try and remember that they are someones ‘child, and try not to snap with something nasty. I try and treat people how I want my own to be treated. #thesatsesh


  2. Ooh good post. I love people watching… especially on holiday on the beach. People are fascinating aren’t they? Quirks and all. I think my role models are ones who come into my life and contribute in some way such as a colleague who is inspiring or a friend who brings me cake when I’m feeling low! #thesatsesh


  3. I’ve done a few posts with my heroes, and I am happy to share them. I have many and have a few in the hopper. The first I did was of Edie Windsor. She died and I wanted the world to know how important she was for LGBTQ rights! Next, RBG! Notorious herself. Because she is alive and inspires me daily! I will look forward to your heroes too! xoxo #thesatsesh


  4. Brilliant post. I feel the same sometimes, I get a little (well actually a lot) wound up just because the world would actually be a much better place if everyone was just a little kinder or thought about others a little more. I’m certainly not perfect, I can be thoughtless and selfish, but I’m pretty hard on myself too and will always try to be kind and thoughtful and go the extra mile for the people around me. #thesatsesh


  5. oh it is fun watching others and wondering what they are thinking or where they are on their way too. Sometimes when I am in the city I wonder where all these people come from and why they are there. Slowing down is so important, I need days where I can just vegetate. #thesatsesh


  6. I love the idea of this series! Looking forward to reading about who inspires you. Hmm as for heroes in my life, I think people around me always inspire me and I can take away so much from them. My father who’s a surgeon and has helped so many, my brother who puts his life at risk every day as a police officer, my friend who struggles with balancing mom life and full time work, my husband who makes time for me and my girls, and the list goes on. #thesatsesh


  7. I love your take on life about how human nature I hardwired to negativity at times – I forget this and am constantly too hard on myself and others in my life as a result. I need to be more forgiving of the times when I or people around us just act naturally! I spend too much time getting myself into a stew about this (and then meditate and it helps!). I look forward to the series xx #thesatsesh xx


    1. Thanks Hun. Yeah we are pretty awful as a species…check the plastic that we put in the sea, or the forests we’ve destroyed. We are also vile to those dearest… I’m all in favour of being kind to ourselves, it sets a precedence for others…I feel another blog coming on! Haha

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