Example is leadership #2 Davina McCall

As we move on with my series, please recap by Clicking for an introduction  to understand what this series is and why I’ve chosen to create it.

I feel a little behind when introducing this UK star, as the BBC did a ‘who do you think you are?’ programme on her (the TV series look into the ancestry of famous peeps), however I have always adored her and even more so since listening to her on Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 recently, I actually listened to the podcast version and would totally recommend Davina’s.

Davina McCall was born in 1967 and I have to sit down whilst writing that this means she is half a century, she could give most twenty somethings a run for their money.


Davina was the first Big Brother presenter when it first aired in 2001, I was a fan of the first few series but mainly I tuned in to see DM. I also loved her on a show called ‘street mate’ where she would hook couples together on the street. I loved her sense of humour, her presenting skills are in my opinion superior and frankly she has always rocked her locks.

But that isn’t why she has made it into this series, nor is it her traumatic and toxic childhood, or her own battle with narcotics. Don’t get me wrong, these aspects intrigue me (we all like a happy ending) but its her own self doubt and ability to over come it that really makes her sparkle for me. In February 2014, Davina undertook a challenge called ‘Davina – Beyond Breaking Point’,  she also recorded a documentary during seven days of either running, swimming or cycling across the UK to raise money for the UK charity Sports relief. In my initial post I mentioned my distaste for humans, but for me Mrs M seems to epically rock ‘fragile vulnerability’ that consumes so many people. She has complete self doubt, prepares and does it anyway….as an onlooker, it would appear to me that she seems to thrives off of anxiety and I think she often surprises herself with her capabilities, and I like that level of sincerity. I’m not a DVD fitness fan – but I’d buy hers just to watch her smile and seriously, her abdominals are awesome. Not bad for a woman who has battled many dark corners of life.

Her ability to test her body, be a Mum and also have a clear sense of who she is makes her a national treasure. She is relatable and I imagine living with her is much like the Green day track: walking contradiction, she is both weak and strong, sensitive and blunt, fierce and fragile, focused and usually turns up late. Some how though, she gets the balance just right and it works. 


21 thoughts on “Example is leadership #2 Davina McCall

  1. So agree with you, Davina is total hero of mine, she’s so honest and always a complete breath of fresh air, I recently read her book, ‘Lessons I’ve Learned’ and, (this is going to sound totally dramatic but…), her level of perspective actually really changed my whole outlook. I find her truly inspirational!


  2. She looks amazing, Iwas debating trying her dvd out. I tried charlotte Crosby’s but couldn’t get on with it. I actually didn’t know she wrote a book either I may have to have a look. I love to read. I have been saying I need to get fit and it’s hard with a toddler I’m perminantly shattered. But a dvd in the morning would do me good I bet.


  3. I have never heard of her, maybe because I am in Australia, but I love what you write about her here in particular how you say she is a walking contradiction, I think many of us women are. #thesatsesh


  4. Fabulous blog. I am in awe of Davina such a role model of a woman. My Twitter handle @findorfake is due to her. I once saw her on something where she was talking about self confidence something that I struggle with and she said if you can’t find it then fake it and it will start to come naturally. 👍🏻


  5. Hee hee – I have to admit I do have a couple of Davina fitness DVDs!!!! I also loved ‘Streetmate’ and the first few BBs because of her hosting the evictions etc before the show got ridiculous. The 2014 was awesome! Good choice. #thesatsesh xx


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