Lost in a world that doesn’t exist.

Quote Anon (possibly song lyrics)

We are all absorbed in a world that often isn’t what it seems, always learning new things and what I’m going to share blew my brain. Its an experiment conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, where cooked rice was put in three beakers. Dr Masaru then speaks to the beakers daily (or shouts), you can also label them. The results blew my brain and I invite you to try it yourself.

What do you need?

  • 3 jars
  • 3 teaspoons of cooked rice
  • a best friend (optional)
  • a permeant marker to label the jars, or a sticky label and pen.

My bestie and I were talking about the experiment and I have to say, I was intrigued. I seized the day and grabbed three jars. I labelled my three jars gratitude, disgusting and ignore.

I placed a teaspoon of cooked rice in each jar, let in cool and then sealed it. I then spent the next few weeks daily telling each jar how thankful I was for it, how revolting it was…or I ignored it. Over the next few days and weeks I then sent the following photos to my bestie and we exchanged thoughts on the experiment. A good google will give you lots of scientific analysis and tell you more information on the experiment, below are my results after thirty days.

When I opened the jars (outside in the garden) the gratitude jar has no sign of fermenting, it smelt sweet but not necessarily pleasant, I really couldn’t believe how clear it was. The disgusting jar was very different – the smell packed a punched and the rotting is clear to see. I could see at least five different types of mould. The ignore jar looked clear too (which surprised me) the water in the jar was a little cloudy, however when I opened the jar the smell was unbearable and I’ve changed many nappies at close range.

I realise that this isn’t  very ‘scientific’ and that there are many variables; from the position of the jars, how many grains were in each jar, what was in the jar previously…the list goes on, but my world was altered for the better from doing this experiment and perhaps thats all that is necessary. Below are my thoughts and what I’ve taken from this…

1). If humans are approximately 60% water and water has a conscience- then how we speak to ourselves and how we let others speak to us has much more of mental and physical effect than I ever perceived. Since doing the experiment I am much more aware of my inner voice and the thoughts I choose to think, I also avoid being around others that could poison my jar. If the conversation turns negative, I make my apologies and leave.

2). Now I understand why my Nanny talks to her plants. If rice in a jar can be THAT effected by negative words, objects I once thought were just that – objects, are much more sensitive to their surroundings. *at this point my brain slightly blows with incomprehensible truths about the world we live in. If the sea, plant life and animal kingdom are all receptive to the energy projected at them then the first place to start being kind is to ourselves and then to spread the kindness and gratitude like…water.

3). My son was part of this experiment but I will do it with him again when he is slightly older, I hope it will teach him about his inner powers.

This last image is powerful but again, don’t take my word for it. Grab yourself a jar or two and let me know how the conscious rice experiment works for you.


37 thoughts on “Lost in a world that doesn’t exist.

  1. I’m so very sceptical, but, even more so, intrigued as hell! We’ll be doing this experiment soon, I think! #thesatsesh


  2. That is weird and very awesome. Ive seen similar studies with plants that show they thrive or decline acording to whats said to them.



  3. OMG! I really want to do this with my group 7 class. (Age 11) this is such a powerful lesson. Thank you for sharing 🌈 #thesatsesh


  4. Wow that’s pretty amazing, as a chemistry graduate it seems hard to believe, but I trust you, we can’t explain everything. And regardless it’s a nice reminder to say nice things to ourselves and each other


  5. Interesting! I made too much risotto tonight. Maybe I should do an experiment rather than put it in the freezer. Pen x #thesatsesh


  6. Oh I had a very naughty thought, maybe I could do this with my 3 kids and see how they turn out lol I would never! But seriously this has blown my mind!!! I have to show them this, its too weird! Oh and now I feel so much mummy guilt for saying that I will experiment on them I need to go hug them al and tell them how grateful I am for each one!!


      1. I was telling my mum and daughter about this whilst we were all gardening together the other day, I was talking to the plants and it made me think of this post. Still have to try this! Then it was funny as the lawn mower would not start and my mum was saying come on you stupid thing, and I went over and said ‘you are such a lovely mower, yes you are,” etc and it started gosh we laughed! Thank you for being part of #Ablogginggoodtime


  7. I’ve seen a similar study done on plants and I can totally understand the study… on living things such as plants, trees, animals, and humans. but on rice? Now that is amazing – and weird at the same time. But it is about the energy we put out there and if you believe that through our energy we are all connected, everything living and not living, then this study is proof of that. Very fascinating! #ABloggingGoodTime


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