Worry means you suffer twice

Quote by Newt Scamander.

  • Warning, I’m doing that thing again where the need to write pulls me out of my bed (even with freshly laundered sheets) and on to the floor in the office at the back of the house with the glow of my Macbook for company and a beauty salt lamp by my side. (desks have always felt a little too formal for me and I’m grounded on the floor; even if its a little draughty), so please forgive me if what I write is waffle.

I often write on the topic of happiness, perspective or self care. There is usually a silver lining or positive perspective to sparkle up this corner of the internet and worry isn’t my friend. I don’t invite him/her to my celebrations, neither does she/he make my Christmas card list (frankly, since having a child and working full time anyone who receives a card from me is truly blessed). I avoid negative people, conversations and situations. We don’t watch TV in our home, the news (web or paper version) are non existent. Yet still I am totally aware that the world we are part of is out of control. That plastic consumption is ridiculous and that banning plastic straws has probably come a little late in the day. That power, money and fear are still the driving forces. That scare mongering, praying on the vulnerable, greed and selfishness are growing much like plastic straws on our oceans seabeds, that stress is increasing, that happiness is often ‘sold’ in a misguided manner… I know this. It shakes my bubble that I work hard to create hard every now and then, its sucks the sparkle and actually at times has taken my breath with it.

Worry is the new fear (I’m not sure how new is new). We worry about worrying in between moments of ‘what if’s’ and ‘could’ ‘should’s’… the list is long. In education bullying is old hat, self diagnosis of anxiety and depression are on the increase amongst our children, as a species we are lost and drown our sorrows with drugs and alcohol (usually through those blooming plastic straws) and what I guess woke me from my comfy bed is a request, to ask you too to build a bubble, a cocoon of kindness and self care, to not engage with the negativity described above. Contrast is necessary for us to thrive, I can’t promise you can fully cut it out. Think of my request as a new detox regime – no fancy products needed, no 90 day money back guarantee required, in fact it won’t cost a penny. I’m asking because worry can be such a positive tool – it lets you know when you’ve lost balance, it reminds you that you care…but never give it the power to allow you to suffer twice.

If you can’t do this, then please at least stop using plastic straws.


19 thoughts on “Worry means you suffer twice

  1. You are right. Worrying seems to be all we do these day and we also worry about why we are worrying. I sat down one day and just had this awful thought about the world my daughter will grow up in. My hubby said to me you can’t control it so you have to enjoy it. #thesatsesh xx http://mummythomas.blog 💚


  2. Interesting perspective. There’s the personal.worry thstcsurrounds people and their families too and then worry on a wider scale is becoming more amplified. I don’t really watch the news although I often read it and the world is going crazy. In the midst of craziness I always try and look for the good. X The helpers, the human kindness etc.


  3. Fine … to a point … we can’t just ignore some of the stuff going on. We have to engage and take small steps that help … like participating more in our kids’ schools, like picking up littler and getting our kids to do the same … voting for better people, being better informed. Not easy but at least the feelings of helplessness diminish #thesatsesh


  4. I have always had anxiety part and parcel with autism. But known what you mean about generally within society such as plastic wastage etc and agree with you on the plastic straws X #thesatsesh


  5. My husband says this quote to me loads and it’s so true! I have anxiety which is worsened when I expose myself to certain things – the constant negative stream of news is one example. I’ve tried to worry less and enjoy the positives in life now. Great post lovely xx #thesatsesh


  6. How funny that I’m sat here at 02:34 commenting on a post you wrote in the wee small hours about worry! Need I say more? It’s good to be be grounded by your words. Thank you. #blogcrush


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