What you allow is what will continue

Quote from the wise but absent named ‘Anon’

This quote is accountable.

This quote reminds me that I am responsible for my own life, decisions, health and overall well being. For this reason, this quote gets stuck in my throat slightly. I honestly believed growing up that adults knew everything, had all the answers and had their lives all mapped out. Ummm… how wrong was I? Every day I am winging it, some days more than others, there are goals but how we arrive at our destination alters weekly, I lose track of intentions, frankly I often forget what I’m saying half way through a conversation. The adult world is tough and if I’m honest I feel like Barbie made it look so easy. Her and Ken used to get married weekly in my bedroom, often went on holidays, she wore big dresses to big parties, drove a sports car…Barbie never worried about the washing basket over flowing, never argued with Ken about council tax payments, she never doubted an outfit change, or worried how she would fit the school run in between her career as a ski instructor.

Perhaps we should be more Barbie. Enjoy the moment, live for the now. I think if Barbie could see this quote she would fully embrace it.

This weekend we watched Deadpool 2, in it are various super hero’s with crazy mutant powers and my favourite is Domino. Not just because her name reminds me of a popular pizza chain, but because her super power is luck. She has more self belief than a religious denomination, she is seriously cool. As I was watching her fly through the air and land on a giant inflatable panda…yup thats a real scene from the film, I was captured by her vocabulary. She was so kick ass confident and assertive I couldn’t help but notice that she had high standards and didn’t falter.

Aspects of our lives are often out of our control, but there are elements that we can do something about. Setting standards for how we will be treated and how we will let others treat us is a huge issue for many. Its probably worth grabbing a pen and paper at this point and writing down things you’re not happy with. Do you need to book something fabulous to do with a friend or partner because you never get to see them, do you need to set an hour aside with a giant box and clear that cluttered cupboard that frustrates you every time you attempt to open the draw and the contents cascade out. Do you need to speak to a work colleague or perhaps you need to reprioritise yourself on your ever growing ‘to do’ list.

Often in films the main characters are faced with huge challenges (with Marvel its always saving the world with some kind of time issue) but perhaps what we might miss is that they also take on those challenges and make sacrifices or changes to live happy ever after. Just because you allowed it last week, doesn’t mean you have to this week, just because its always been that way, doesn’t mean that has to continue. Life is often short, precious and wasted, seize this quote and make your life accountable you may just end up with a better quality of life, or at worst finally get that cupboard organised.


43 thoughts on “What you allow is what will continue

  1. This is such a great post and reminds me I need to take more control of my life. A lack of confidence in the past has meant I’ve sat back and left others to make my decisions for me. Not a good thing and thankfully I’m much more confident now#thesatsesh


  2. This is the perfect post for me to comment on, as only yesterday I ventured out for the first time alone in my electric wheelchair, it was a bit scary, but I felt proud of myself for having the courage to do it #satsesh@_karendennis

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  3. I think it is good to reflect and see how we can live our life the best we see fit. My happily ever after may not look the same as someone else’s.


  4. This is such a brilliant quote for me right now. We have had such a shocking year with a teacher, my father-in-law and now a father from my sons class all dying and my mum getting breast cancer (she is cancer free now and having radiotherapy) that it has really made me stop and take stock of what I am allowing. Particularly with regards to my health. Thank you for sharing 🌈 #thesatsesh


  5. But I’m tiiiiired! 🙂 I totally agree with this but sometimes it feels less taxing to go with the flow, of course in the long run that won’t pay off.


  6. If I took total control over my life I’d be poor trying to earn a living from my blog lol! I am slowly gaining back control of what I do, job wise, well it pays my bills but it’s what I do with the rest of my time and the way i am thinking is slowly but surely changing. #satsesh


  7. Such good analogies. I wish I could be more Barbie or Domino (love that film). Sometimes we set ourselves such crazy standards and then wonder why we get frustrated when we don’t quite meet them. Great post. #blogcrush


  8. Really great quote! All I know is for the last few months I have been fighting and throwing everything I have into making my life a happier place, and I refuse to ever let my mental illness stop me! #ABloggingGoodTime


  9. Brilliant post. I absolutely love the sound of Domino!!! I need to seek her out !!
    Congratulations , someone loved your post so much they added it to our #BlogCrush linky


  10. So very poignant and on the money for me right now. I need to stop and take check of what I am allowing and what I should be saying no to. Thank you
    thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime


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