The Saturday Session #34


Welcome to week 34 of #thesatsesh .This weekend I plan on focusing on breathing, seriously that week was like surviving a whirl wind. You know you’re old when you’re excited because you don’t have any plans…thats my weekend, so I’m going to feel it with chill time, forrest walks and some meditation. Anything more and I’m not sure I could cope.

Each week myself and my super mum cohost Hayley pick a featured blogger each, you can click here to see who she has picked, or keep reading as I reveal mine.

My featured blogger really got me thinking about boredom. Andy from Dads sofa discussed the issue, so much so that I think I might write my own post on the topic. You can read Andy’s interpretation here. In essence how reliant we are on our mobile devices for entertainment and to kill those awkward waiting moments in the day…some children need them to occupy them in queue’s or restaurants but actually theres a learning curve in waiting, in patience and in occupying yourself. Andy’s post is simple and to the point, I always enjoy his humour and would definitely like to sit on his sofa at some point in the future and share a cuppa. I imagine its full of laughter and moments of pure joy…who knows perhaps we could just chill and share some boredom time?

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