Don’t be bitter. Be better

Quote by Habeeb Akande

Welcome fridgesays peeps, this week we are letting go of the bitterness and being better. This sounds simple. In cooking it would equate to a basic sponge cake or a classic scone. However, in my experience the simplest of things are sometimes super hard to make. The sponge can lack a fluffy texture and the scones can be too hard or stodgy.

When I’m feeling bitter (often) it’s easy to compare what others aren’t doing, what they are ‘getting away with’ or just judge with bitterness and disgust, sometimes this can be therapeutic but hold on to the bitterness for too long and if we return to our cake recipes, you’ve just added lemon and lime to a scone and grapefruit to a sponge cake…it’s going to repeat in your mouth, taste ‘unique’ and not be as good as it could be.

My recipe recommendation: It would be easy to say ‘don’t be bitter’ but sometimes a little lime slips into life’s chaotic moments, instead I say, cover that cake in cream and jam.

Jam and cream can make just about anything taste good and in life these are the lovely moments. Instead of becoming bitter of others, reflect on what went well in your day. Gratitude is the cream and jam of life, those little moments of triumph, those sparkles of joy and best of all…they make us better or will at least help us to get to a place where we aren’t moaning about others but are focusing on what we did well.

A better me, makes a better mummy, teacher, friend or family member. So why not leave the lemon and limes for a cocktail and enjoy the cake of life.


28 thoughts on “Don’t be bitter. Be better

  1. Oh yes! I try to practise this everyday. It’s become a strategy for survival really, as I would otherwise struggle with both depression and exhaustion (now only the latter, and not as bad as it could be if I let the negativity rule). Though I still struggle sometimes with the ‘what others get away with’… x


  2. I love this sentiment. I will bear this in mind next time I get some serious FOMO (which, as a mum to three small children, happens to me ALOT when it comes to going out and doing grown-up things!) #thesatsesh x


  3. I love your analogies, and totally agree with the sentiment. Especially about acknowledging that a little lime might sneak in occasionally and that’s perfectly ok – it’s what you do about it that matters 🙂 #thesatsesh


  4. Loving a bit of the cake of life! Sad that half Term is at an end (almost) but loving that I get to see my lovely class again (not really but I’m trying!). Hope you enjoyed your half Term lovely, #thesatsesh


  5. I am a strong believer in taking care of oneself. Cant be everything to all people if you are not at your best! #thesatsesh


  6. Very true! I’m trying my best, but it’s just hardhat to judge god old myself.
    Also: boiled eggs. Hands up if you can make the right texture boiled eggs. Either too runny or rock solid. #thesatsesh


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