Example is Leadership #3 Iris Apfel

Before I begin my swoon on this American delight – you would be correct in thinking I have a soft spot for the elderly. In light of this series, please *click the link to find out whats its all about, I do believe we can learn so much for listening to our elders. Perhaps that make me sounds old fashioned, but its more basic maths…longer life equals more experience to share.

For many you have to dig deep and stay patient but for Iris Apfel a quick look on google images will begin to give you a picture of why she makes me smile.

Her love for colour and her vitality towards life means that this legend born in 1921 can almost be summed up by looking at her. She is truly living, knows what she likes and if you watch an interview or two with her you can see that she has some serious opinions and could’t give a banana skin about what anyone may think of her. Personally, as someone who was never the best at taking criticism as a child, this ‘cake and eat it’ beauty is my kind of lady. She always looks so elegant and therefore its no surprises that she has taken part in several design restoration projects, including work at the White House for nine presidents.

As a role model I love that she doesn’t follow the trends to the tee and usually puts her flare and style on just about anything she touches. I also adore her marriage lasted ‘upon death do us part’ a staggering 67 years, with her husband Carl sadly passing just before he was due to turn 101 years wise. If you see images of the couple they ooze love, sincerity and gratitude for each other. With several of my friends ending marriages before the year was out, I have to fully bow in this couples legacy of love.

26 thoughts on “Example is Leadership #3 Iris Apfel

  1. She does make me smile! Wha a lady! Her style is incredible. I would love to look like her now never mind in 40 year time! Hahaha I’m bound to be a cat lady like the one on The Simpsons, with her trolley.,,,,,, #thesatsesh


  2. That necklace is AWESOME!!!! Love this portrait of a unique lady- thank you for sharing about her- such a positive story! #thesatsesh


  3. I’ve been a huge fan of hers for years now. She’s an absolute role model and my plan is to wear similar colourful clothes and rock my grey hair when I get old. #thesaturdaysesh


  4. What a fabulous and unique woman. I agree that we can learn much from our elders. I love her style x


  5. Wow, I’d not heard of Iris before but she sounds like my kinda woman!! Love her style, wish I could pull that off but I need to work on my personality first I think and being a bit more extrovert!! #thesatsesh


  6. She’s a total inspiration isn’t she? I often use her quotes in my work, she’s a bit of a fave of mine. I wish that I could be so ‘don’t care’ , I try but it’s not working yet. I love Lyn Slater, the Accidental Icon too.


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