Happiness is homemade #1

Quote by the cracker of quotes – Anon.

Last summer I ran a series on sensory play with my little man which included all the awesome crafty things I was desperate to do, but being a full time working Mumma means I struggled to fit in. However, Mother nature is cruel and I have a three year old who is allergic to colouring, glueing or anything vaguely creative – he is currently more of a Dinosaur roaring fellow than a sit down and create guy. So for now my crayon desires are on hold…

This series is called Happiness is homemade because I truly believe it, what is summer for if not creating memories? It was influenced by a colleague of mine called Ruth. She does a similar thing with her tribe every year and when I first saw it, I knew it was something we would enjoy.

On the first Monday of the summer hols me and my little dude sat down and filled in our dream clouds. I simply asked him what he would like to do. I love to say they were all his ideas, but that would be a huge fib. They include pre planned things we will be doing from going on his first Aeroplane trip to play dates with friends, but I underestimated how opinionated he was on what he would like to do.

We stuck them up with good old blue-tac in our porch, you could place them on a larger piece of paper or I even thought about sticking them on Js bedroom window. Once we have completed each of our clouds we put a sticker on it, I was attempting to stay on theme with sun  / weather themed stickers alas J had the final say and we are now the proud owner of 700 Star Wars stickers.

(see above image) I underestimated how enjoyable J finds the simple things in life – riding his bike and picnics are realitvely low cost but mean the world to him. If your rascal is older they could obviously fill the bubbles in themselves. However, I also forgot that his imagination is huge and so you can see below I’ve now got to rustle up a crocodile? Thanks to a google from Daddy it would seem there is a crocodile zoo in Oxfordshire? Phew.

So whilst we create memories and fill our days with adventures from our clouds – why don’t you give it a go and create your own activity board. You don’t need a little monster to do it with, they could be aspirational goals for the year ahead, the summer vacation or perhaps larger life goals. Another friend who recently retired did a similar thing with what she wanted to do in retirement.

How will you be fulfilling your summer days?



15 thoughts on “Happiness is homemade #1

  1. Ah – this may have been what you mentioned on our #MindfulMum twitter chat last week – such a great idea – we wrote a list but that’s a bit boring in comparison to this – love the cloud theme and the fact that they can fill them out themselves etc. Will be copying this. #ablogginggoodtime. x

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    1. Sort of, once he has the idea – we’ve now added 3/4 stickers on the clouds, then I was going to add mindful clouds in a different colour that we do everyday. Today we are ‘playing’ yoga. Which he loves and I hate as he is so much better than me, not exactly mindful of me hehehe X

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  2. This is such a great idea. My son and I sat down and wrote a list but his is so much more creative, I love the visual aspect of it. Turns out the top of my sons list was to have a day out just the two of us, something we have done a few times since his 2 year old sister was born. That one on one time is so important, and it really is the simple things in life that make the biggest difference. #ablogginggoodtime

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    1. Honestly we underestimated the little things they want to do. Which is stupid as I know time is the best thing we can spend on each other, so why I’m surprised I’m not really sure?

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  3. I absolutely love this post. Do you know what, I have written a list but hadn;t thought to ask him and they really do just want the simple things dont they! I think as mine starts school in Sept I feel I need to make it extra special when actually to him those dog walks and picnics are super special as he just loves being all together. Thank you for linking up to #FriYAYLinky hope to see you again this week 🙂 xx

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