Squeeze the day 

Quote Unknown 

It’s the summer holidays and I’m pumped and feeling my motivation return. This quote makes me want to seize the day and love life…and I’m guilty of being a little lazy around the edges.I’m enjoying not having a routine, the alarm is turned off and that is good for me and my soul BUT I can’t help thinking I’m not maximising my time…I’m writing this with a cup of tea and my child is plugged into CBeebies *sigh

I know that this won’t be all day and actually I’ve done some chores and dinner is sorted, no one is dead – but surely life is for squeezing? If life is an orange, you want to taste every drop that orange can offer. You want it to be tasty, full of zest and a delightful experience…well today I’m going to go against the quote as sometimes it’s okay to leave the orange in the bowl (it’s just as pretty to look at) while you curl up with a book, lay in or have a duvet day. 

I’ve read a lot of posts from other bloggers about what to do with summer holidays – including my post Happiness is homemade, and that’s joyful and of course holiday time should be for creating memories; we’ve already achieved so many lovely days from zoo trips to swimming but don’t forget to stop, parents who feel ‘summer stress’ because they feel their children should be engaged in activities and exciting opportunities (which can come with the pressure of a hefty financial hole in the pocket) I’m here today to say slow down, even for a lazy morning or early night – holidays / weekends are also for reenergising. J does full days at Nursery three days a week, by the end of term he is run down. Squeezing each drop of juice is also about pausing, enjoying the flavour and relaxing – the juice will last longer.

The more I reflect on this quote the more I can see that to maximise our squeeze and potential we shouldn’t squeeze so hard.

So when planning the next weeks activities, juggling child care whilst working or organising weekends with packed opportunities to stimulate the mind and body…think of how pretty that bowl of fruit looks and take a slow pace. That has to be the secret to an enjoyable life? 

12 thoughts on “Squeeze the day 

  1. I totally agree – I often think the calmer, quieter, less busy days are when we have the most fun as we are more relaxed and flexible. We can put too much pressure on constantly doing activities when there’s a lot of fun to be had in just seeing what happens and with older children letting their imaginations run wild! #ablogginggoodtime

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  2. It is hard to fit loads in and be able to afford to do it all. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with some lazy days at home. As I working mum I’m just jealous of all the mums who are getting to spend loads of time with their kids during the holidays while I’m stuck in an office! #ablogginggoodtime

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    1. I’m lucky as a teacher I get both. Partly a reason I chose the profession. Lazy days are sometimes more necessary though. Thanks for making time to comment


  3. Yes!! Well said. I am guilty of thinking I have ‘wasted’ a rare free day. This post is an excellent reminder that we should squeeze a little less. Thank you for writing it. Alison x #ablogginggoodtime

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