walking alone

Quote by Suzanne Collins 

*warning: I have chosen to use way too many analogies in this post (but they are fun)

As with most of what life throws at us, simplicity is usually the key to a content and happy existence. The journey can at times be tough and even when you expect your ticket to take you somewhere pleasant and glorious, a ticket inspector can force you off course and leave you stranded at the station of life that you hadn’t expected or would never chose to visit.

Now in my thirties there is still so much to learn about life, Im far from working it all out but like most of you in my age bracket you too may have been abandoned at a station you didn’t want to be at; sudden death in the family, platform 4 – long term illness, perhaps even a dark tunnel like mental health or experienced an interruption on the line from a miscarriage or conception issue. Lets be honest, the various stations of life can at times be crap.

However, something mystical happens and you find that from almost an invisible source, people find you in your darkest moments, for bloggers we can find it online from a member of the community we hadn’t before interacted with, family and friends can at times be like a first class carriage providing a nutritious meal when you need it most, or of course the escapism of a crisp glass of Sauvignon blanc. We all at times need first class service, camaraderie from our fellow passengers and wherever you are on your journey of life you’ll also need at times to get off at the next stop.

I’m a very lucky lady who appreciates her loved ones, has a good friendship circle and its riding the train in a lovely carriage with basic facilities on board – please note that you can’t journey well alone all of the time. You see despite all of the interactions that we have, however many siblings or children you have at home – at times you are alone. Every time you close your eyes, in your head its just you and whatever you chose to imagine. Make sure that its a place you are comfortable in, that self love means there is always warmth, that your interests have time to blossom.

It is only you that has walked in your shoes. It is only you that feels how you feel and sees the world as picturesque or bleak as your eyes allow. It is only you that can alter the carriage quality that you wish to travel in – if you are travelling with a companion and they are pulling you down to a place you are not happy in…it is you that has to let go of their hand.  If you were to tell the driver it’s time to alter the direction he was traveling in, he would laugh at you – to change your direction you may need to get off at the next station, check a map and reroute.

Wherever you are in your journey, I hope that it is a happy one and that if not you know that it is temporary and that the next station will offer what you require from discount tickets and financial abundance to better health or a child that sleeps. The different stops along our journey can also be fruitful and our journey is most productive when we don’t get swallowed by the dark tunnel – all tunnels come to an end at some point.

14 thoughts on “walking alone

  1. I am in this situation where my marriage is ending a lot of people is telling me to save it. I always just shut my mouth because I am so tired of explaining to them that … they can only understand me if they had lived my life with him. But no one can really do that and .. they still say words .. unsolicited advice.

    I so love this post. Nodding at every sentence. Every word is so true. You can never understand a person unless you walked in their shoes.



    1. Also you don’t need their advice. Nor should you feel you need to respond to them. You may find he is better left behind in a tunnel of the past or a new platform will open and you’ll be happier as friends – no matter what I truly wish you a happier journey from here on x


  2. Well I for one LOVE the analogies! Especially the section about ‘being abandoned at a station that you didn’t want to be at’ – very moving…. as is the final part about these things being temporary. I have spent most of my thirties worrying about not having the family I dreamed of and now I am blessed with 3 wonderful children – who knew?! Thanks for sharing on #eatsleepblogRT x

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  3. So true. Sometimes the traintrack of life can de-rail and there is nothing you can do about it. And at other times you can choose your own journey. Lovely methaphors. #BloggerClubUk

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  4. You know what this is so true. I am at the moment needing to get off and look at the map for another platform/change. No one know what we are truly going through apart from you. I do like the analogy you used in this 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRt

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  5. LOVE this hun! You know what I’m going through at the moment and that I had to ‘let go of someone’s hand that was taking me in the wrong direction’. Now that I’ve done that, there are times when I’m feeling anxious or uncertain of my future. I’m going to remember this post when I fel like that and make my carriage a cosy, safe place to ride in. Like you say….no-one knows my life or what I need to be happy….as I do. I’m going to start trusting myself and having a bit more confidence in myself too. Tor xx #BloggerClubUK

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    1. Again, my new phrase ‘AMum’ – couldn’t agree more my love, plus if we didn’t ever do the uncomfortable seats we’d never appreciate the joy of first class 🙂 I will now stop with the analogies


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