If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need

Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Firstly, Marcus (who wrote this quote) clearly had straight hair or he would have included GHDs.

I do have a large garden (it’s 160ft) and my book shelf is bursting rather nicely. I’m not sure I have everything but I know I’m up there with the blessed.

The garden is my workout, my canvas and my saviour at times, it can also be the biggest chore and hugely time consuming plus a money chomping machine.. At the moment the grass is freshly cut and the pots are looking charming so all is well in my garden. Its even a glorious sunny day, so Im under the gazebo writing – sounds idyllic and I guess it is.

The bookshelf is abundant with a cross over of novels and literature that spans the centuries, genres and tastes. Since taking on the challenge to read the top one hundred novels of all time it’s really expanding my reading range and opened my mind. Unlike a library I have this ridiculous need to own the books I’ve read – even crazier I like to purchase second hand books that have been preloved, so why I can’t share them after Ive owned them is completely ludicrous.

As child I loved to be read to, during my teens I appropriately hated to read and followed the rebellious crowd to hate the books we studied like Of Mice and Men and Over the Bridge in school, now working with teens on these books I can see the depth and enjoyment that earlier in my life had escaped me. That is something that my garden and a good book can do, the varied meaning they have can alter depending on what point in life you are at. My garden is place I invest time in and attempt to ‘keep on top of the weeds’ whilst to my three year old son its a giant playground of mud hills and places to find bugs.

Opening and closing the mind is the essence of what I’ve taken from this quote. Whilst books open my imagination and possibilities become endless they also allow me time away to escape and even allow my mind moments of still. Our garden allows peace, nature and solitude, whilst at other times is hosting friends and loved ones in vibrant gatherings of laughter and BBQ food. These two aspects of my life bring great joy and keep me grounded whether through simple beauty or escapism from what is often a demanding and frightening world.

To the British garden I raise my glass, lay back on the sun lounger and turn the pages of a new book but seriously straighteners are third on the list of having everything, right?


13 thoughts on “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need

  1. Hee hee – love this post – great humour but also serious (and mindful :-)) points too. I really like your writing style and easy to follow posts. We are blessed with gardens and books aren’t we and yet sometimes we don’t feel it. I remember Of Mice and Men at GCSE English, poor old Lenny (I think if I remember rightly?!) I do think it’s funny when I hear our Y11s talking about it now… takes me back. x P.S GHDs would be up there for me too!! #eatsleepblogRT

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  2. loving this quote! and a bit of both would be amazing – cant remember the last time I lay in the garden reading a good book. ahh absolulte bliss 🙂 #MarvMondays

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  3. GHD’s are definitely third, or at maybe fourth after a nice glass of wine! My poor garden is tiny and in need of TLC. I keep meaning to embark on the book list, but I can honestly say I haven’t picked up a book in over a year, which makes me quite sad #EatSleepBlogRT

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  4. Would’ve thought wine would be up there too haha, but I do love reading, it always takes me away but I’m not much of a garden person, would rather hang out in the shade. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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