You are suppose to make mistakes 

img_4081Quote by Anon.

Today I’m going to let you in to a secret, don’t tell anyone okay…

Mistakes are magic. There I said it (well wrote it?) and its true. When my son doesn’t understand something, or is watching Disney and asks a question I can’t answer, I tell him its magic. How the tooth fairy operates – magic, how Father Christmas travels the world in one night visiting every guessed it ‘Magic’ , how the dishwasher makes our plates sparkle, once again ‘Magic’. No three year old needs to be aware of kitchen appliances unless it associates with some kind of abracadabra factor. Any kind of unknown that falls in to the magic category is usually positive and far more exciting than reality.

the definition of ‘magic’ is;


  1. the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.
    “suddenly, as if by magic, the doors start to open”

On the other hand mistakes are often negative, regretful and ugly. The events trickle into various pools of life that you often want to protect and so over time the human brain builds thick walls to seal them in and protect them from the light of day…sadly the equally powerful ‘time’ creates cracks in the walls and mistakes flow from directions we didn’t even know existed.

Where is my brain going with this? Well, if mistakes are negative and allow us to draw conclusions that we usually later learn from then the opposite is positive and full of wonder and possibility – magic.

Im not sure I’ve got all of this ‘life’ business down to a tee, but I do know that I want a life full of magic and excitement, it is no coincidence that the Paul Daniels Magic trick set was popular in the 1980’s and in fact on every child’s Christmas list in 1987 ( I didn’t get it but my cousin Laura did and it was epic, if by epic you like a lump of rope and several coloured squidgy balls), he was and still is a national treasure, his saturday night entertainment was family orientated and spectacular, plus Debbie was gorgeous and when you found out they were married in ‘real life’ every thing on screen became a little more amazing.

Whilst we aspire to a life full of dazzle and wonder perhaps there may be tricks a long the way to distract us…this is just a mistake that once learnt from allows us to improve, succeed and create ‘magic’. Mistakes really aren’t negatives unless we give them the power and control. Mistakes are life’s dead ends, sometimes they are minor and you hit a curb at other times they leave you with a dent and a large bill from your insurance company…but who wants to exit this world without and a bump and graze to show for your hard effort, more importantly some times getting lost leads to a new road of opportunity, that were better than the way you thought you wanted to go. So give the power in your life to finding magic and if a crocodile pops out of your hat instead of a rabbit…well, think of the money you’ll save on hay.





26 thoughts on “You are suppose to make mistakes 

  1. Totally agree with you! most of the time, when we commit mistakes, that’s when we learn from them and try not to do it again or do better next time. We all stumble in our lives and we learned from it and made us a better person. Great post! #MarvMondays

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  2. Really enjoyed reading this. There is something so wonderful about the word magic and I think I might start using it more often. I want to create lots of magic in my life and all the mistakes I think help make the magic all the more special. And like you said sometimes those mistakes might lead to something more magical. 🙂

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  3. I love the idea of calling mistakes “magic”. It takes something that could possibly be negative and makes it so positive. We could all use a little more magic in our lives anyway. #MarvMondays

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    1. Amen Emily, currently attempting to get my three year old to eat tea – magic needed in large supply 😉 I just think magic is what we don’t understand yet, down the road we usually understand our mistakes – until then ‘magic’ 🙂 thanks for commenting it’s truly appreciated


  4. I like this attitude! We all make mistakes and they shape us. There is definitely a bit of magic about that. #MarvMondays

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  5. Great post! I am firm believer in “you are always where you are meant to be, at every moment in time” and it take hours, days, weeks or years to realise it but it all works out and those ” mistake” or bumps are often lifes ways or guiding us and protecting us! Thanks for reminding me of the magic around. Read me post on “The magic of Love” you’ll love it! #Marvmondays

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  6. What an interesting post. Mistakes make us stronger build character and change opportunities but without them life would be bland. On a side note. I loved the paul daniels set when I was young. #MeMyselfandI

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  7. I love thinking of things in this way, I completely agree that we can learn so much from mistakes and they can in their own way be a bit magical. Lovely post, thanks for linking it up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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