Happiness is homemade #2 

So it’s the summer holidays and as a teacher I am thrilled. Not only does a bell not go off every hour and dictate what I do, but I get to spend time with the little dude. 

He starts school in September so these weeks seem even more precious. I love creating memories together as a family and have decided to do a similar thing to last year. Click the link to Happiness is homemade #1 for details of what we did and how you could do your own version. 

It was fab asking him for ideas on what he would like to do. I did add some parent pre planned events in also, and once again I was surprised at how simple the things he wants to do are, from ‘riding his bike’ to ‘playing with mummy’ #cute 

We went for a slime theme this year, because anything green and gross is his thing at 4 years old. 

As always he wants to see more crocodiles (his Godmother has this under control) and we have hung them in the porch (because blue tac does mark and this is a much faster paint job for us)   

I totally recommend doing this and will hopefully do it for years to come – until he way too old and tells me to ‘do one’ because he is back packing around the world with some mates and seeing crocodiles in their natural habitats (Sad Mummy moment / awesome times for him) 

Have a fabulous summer whatever your circumstances, enjoy, love hard and create memories. 

20 thoughts on “Happiness is homemade #2 

  1. Thats a great idea! If I did that with my teens we may well have, ‘Go to New York’ or ‘spend £1000 on clothes’….((sigh)) I love the summer holidays though so enjoy! and pray for better weather! #dreamteam


  2. What an absolutely inspired idea!!! We have a holiday coming up in September and the whole family have the week off so I am going to steal your idea as its blooming fantastic! xx #DreamTeam

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  3. I absolutely love this. I’ve been pretty much out of action for the first few weeks of the holidays due to my op, but as of Monday the children are pretty much back under Mummy’s wing so I’m determined to make the best of the last three weeks as my eldest also starts school in September. It’s a bit tricky as I’m limited in what I can do while I’m still on the mend and I can’t drive, but I’m really hoping that they surprise me with some simple ideas that I can do with them at home. It sounds like a lovely way to enjoy our time together as I’m currently wallowing in far too much mum guilt! Thanks for the idea and for linking this to #DreamTeam x


  4. Really lovely idea and what great suggestions he has come up with. These weeks are going by fast aren’t they?! Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales – hope to see you again on Tuesday!

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  5. Lovely idea and wonderful plans! We did the beach, made slime (ewww), saw a gator, played, rode bikes and scooters, and frequent the bookstore. Every idea a great one! Oh, how I love summer! #dreamTeam


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