Life is always in motion so I cannot be stuck

 Quote by Esther Hicks, the princess of Law of Attraction.

I often feel stuck. Please don’t misinterpret this as I’m grateful  for all I have, for I know it’s much more than most…but stuck is how I often feel.

Stuck with 9am-5pm, which is actually more 7am to silly o’clock, and in seasons gone by the dark nights make feeling stuck a little more like I’m being suffocated.

The bit that I dislike the most is ‘adulting’ between you and me I’m really not a fan. I don’t mind the responsibility or the chores, for me personally it’s the reality of it all. One of my favourite birthday gifts was my 27th. My other half bought me a huge trampoline and I realised (probably whilst jumping up and down) that that is the secret to life…no not trampolines although they are pretty awesome in the fun department, let me explain.

When I was growing up our back garden was a little narrow and had a good gradient to it. So it’s no surprise that giant trampolines (14ft) weren’t practical.

As an adult with a much flatter and wider garden – it was achievable. I think adults often limit the ‘fun’ they have, I also think that we don’t stop to look around. We rush and go from supermarket shop to meetings with friends and family and the motion of life gets distorted. We decide what behaviour is appropriate or immature – in short, we limit ourselves.

I have a solution. I’ve been doing it for a while (within reason) I watch my son and do my best to observe the sights and sounds he sees, I try never to say no when he asks me to read and yes to when he asks me to play. I say within reason as sometimes the adult in me needs to get to work (that sucks).

If you’re reading this then you are blessed – life is still in motion for you, as I’ve written before you are the writer, author and most importantly the creator of your journey. You can live it 9am-5pm like a robotic clock that is consumed by bills and getting by…or you can buy a trampoline and laugh from your toes, smell the daisies or snuggle up with your loved ones and read a good book.

Enjoy the motion of life and make it work at a pace that suits your dreams and aspirations.

10 thoughts on “Life is always in motion so I cannot be stuck

  1. Agree 100% I too watch my boys and try and follow their lead. Last week my boys both told me I was crazy mummy and that was a really big compliment to me. Being crazy mummy stops me feeling like I’m stuck on the treadmill of life. Thank you for hosting #thesatsesh


  2. This is ACE! The paragraph about observing the little dude and trying to say yes to playing and reading as much as poss is soooo important and is something I realise I do too and I’m proud of myself for it. Here’s to not working until silly o clock too much more as the summer term is around the corner and means less marking 🙂 xx #thesatsesh xx


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