Lovely things #8

So when I was a little younger I swore to Mr F that I hated receiving flowers, my philosophy was ‘they look beautiful and then you slowly watch them die’ now I blooming love them (excuse the pun), I still think it’s sad when they fade but so much good comes to my dinning room table / front window when a vase is bursting with joy. So much so that no.1 on my lovely things is…

1. My promise to buy myself flowers at least once a month. They can stem (hehe) from a £1 packet of daff’s to my latest purchase – some white roses. It also adds as a reminder to myself that im worth treating and don’t need to make excuses, the bonus is they’re calorie free.


2. My little man turned three years old. My thoughts were mixed and you can read more in my post Three is the magic number

  3. These fish fantastic mermaid loving leggings! I haven’t purchased as I’m not sure what I’d actually wear them with…but it’s highly likely they will be near my wardrobe soon. (Not PR related)

4. Seedlings.

I love my garden and March/April is the season for sowing, I like to pop mine in some water first (see crystal glass) and this year I’m trying out egg shells which is carbon foot print friendly, reusable and nutritious for the soil…will them grow? Who knows…may be pop back soon and I’ll update you in my next ‘lovely things’ post.



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