Don’t let the silly things steal your happiness 

 Quote by Anon

I feel like we should alter this quote to ‘feel your life with the silly things – they are usually more fun’ but I think we’d be missing the point of the quote.

If I’m honest, I’m not a fan of the word ‘silly’ it sounds a little wet, slightly squidgy and rhymes with w….you get the point.

I think ‘silly’ in the context of this quote is really saying ‘people’ and that my friends is never worth listening to…

People are often mean, put themselves first and see the world only from their angle. It’s very rare that you find a soul who understands you and allows you to blossom (that’s why good parents are so important). At times people can also support you, nurture you and love you – I still think listening to your inner voice is more beneficial, although I’ve also realised that in my thirties I have friends I tap in to for different things; there’s my lovely cuppa chick, my make up guru, my ‘tell it how it is’ and of course my all seasons / all issues – bestie. Their views are important but very few make the inner circle. Maybe as we get older we get pickier?

In relationships ‘silly’ things can mutilate great relationships into ex partners…I guess sometimes little things can hit nerves or in my home cause tsunamis of rage… But (and this is the point I’m making) they don’t matter. Pants of the floor, how you load the dishwasher and talking through films (guilty) are unimportant. Happiness is sharing the good moments and when the world turns on you, building a fort and drinking tea.

So today I ask you to stop listening and watching everyone around you, enjoy the things that make you happy with the people and relationships that make you even happier. Life doesn’t always give out ‘cherries on top’ so savour them while you can, besides you and your life are too precious to ruin with the mundane and dam right dull. Emerse yourself in the things and people who make you laugh and those silly YouTube clips that make you chuckle…my secret silly pleasure is defiantly cats falling off of side boards or babies laughing 😉


14 thoughts on “Don’t let the silly things steal your happiness 

  1. A great post, here here! Tea inside our little fort sounds perfect, throw in a few cat videos and we’ve cracked it!


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  2. You are completely right and it’s really timely for me to read this after the week I’ve had with a poorly toddler and husband away. But I’m heeding your words and ignoring the list of ‘chores’ that I or my husband and have identified and I’m watching ‘Toy Story 3’ on the sofa with blogs and tea. Next time I bicker with the OH I’ll take a deep breath and think about this too! #fortheloveofBLOG

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