You’re a diamond dear

  Quote by Pravine Hurbungs (I think, if nots it’s Anon) 

 This is a kiss asssssss kind of post today. I adore all things sparkly from champagne, diamonds and if I’m honest even the back of a cd makes me smile – it’s no surprise that this quote grabbed my attention. I was probably a magpie in a previous life.

Every now and then life plateaus out and it’s time to step it up a gear (or not depending on how bothered you can be), there is a pearl of wisdom amongst the motivational community that you should never share your future goals and aspirations with anyone. I like sharing so this can be hard to do at times BUT it’s to stop ‘them’ giving their negative opinion, drowning your fire for desire or frankly distraction you from your pathway. It makes sense doesn’t it? As mentioned in a recent post people always speak from their perspective – that isn’t yours and actually if it’s your goal / dream then why would you need anyone else’s opinions? 

Yesterday, I was walking through our local high street with my little man and we sat for a while watching the river flow (three year olds can do this for way longer than you’d think) and suddenly an entire new desire, future pathway / goal popped in my head. It excites me and I decided to give it my focus over the next year. Due to not discussing goals I can’t say much more but I realised that sometimes it’s good to let ideas flow and also to take a break from the whirl wind of life so that they have the opportunity to appear.

You are also a diamond, if not to others hopefully to yourself. So what’s stopping you reach for your dream job, living in your ideal home or even perhaps travelling a little more than you have lately.

After all, they can’t break you. It’s time to sparkle.

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