Your life is your story…


Quote by Susan Statham.

It’s funny to think we are all authors of our own life if nothing else. I’m pleased that although life has given me the odd tradegy it’s provided plenty of laughter, travel and love too.

I think the second and third parts of this quote are crucial, so I’m going to break them down.

Write well:

Always purchase the best you can afford; whether that be tomatoes on the vine rather than loose in a pot or a cheeky upgrade on your travels – the best of life doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but always expect and accept the best.

Edit often:

Life has a way of running away with ourselves, one minute I had a premature baby that slowly fed – the next he is half my size and eating double the portion I’m able to tuck away. Sometimes I think we’re in mid February and realise that April has snuck up on us…so to edit often, simply means being aware of your current situation and working out the bits you like, editing the people you don’t, the situations you’d rather avoid and perhaps taking chances for promotion or leaps of faith in love – because it just might pay off. It’s well known and something I hope to write a post on soon in more depth that our success or lack of, our health or lack of – our entire existence is made up of the five people we spend the most time with. Make sure your inner circle is strong and heading in the direction that you want.

This quote says to me – own your life, it’s only yours. Sure you may have to think of others, take into consideration circumstances but ultimately you can shape life to be what you want, feel how you want and surround yourself with the best of life…so get out the Tipp-Ex, pick up the eraser, or maybe life has got a bit messy, its time for a full white wash and it’s time to make life work for you.

Feeling a bit daunted? Probably best to start small – so write down 3 things you want to achieve tomorrow, make these your priority. Then discard 3 items that are either ready for the bin, the charity shop (bonus karma points awarded here) or perhaps you can recycle them. On a separate piece of paper write down 3 goals that will make you a happier person – keep it in a safe place, mine are in my purse and also written on the back of a bookmark.

Just these little ‘edits’ will move you forward and remove the clutter you don’t need.

Lucy’s top tip: we always have a charity carrier bag ‘on the go’ that we drop off every once in a while. My mum swears by clearing out one draw at a time, sadly I’m partial to the cutlery draw for a quick declutter and motivational ‘I’ve achieved something’. Sure dreams may take bigger steps, but at least when you’re on a cruise ship sipping champagne with the Beckhams you’ll know your cutlery draw is tidy should anyone pop around 🙂 



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