Take care of your body

Quote by an American entrepreneurs and general gentleman who has his sh** together / Jim Rohn.

I really should begin this post by telling you about my upcoming marathon…but I’d be lying.

I could tell you about the secret to my dieting success…but we had take away last night and I began the day with a bacon butty.

So instead I’ll tell you about my Laryngitis. It crept up on me during my year ten last lesson of the day a week or so ago, suddenly my vocals decided to dance a tune of their own – which incidentally is awkward when you are trying to teach the current political voting system. Within myself I feel fine, at times my throat has felt a little tender or swollen so I talked through it (don’t do this) and sounded like an elderly pensioner who smokes forty fags a day, I know this as one of my darling year seven pupils told me I sounded like ‘Marges sisters from the Simpsons’ – gee that made me feel better.

While my tonsils do the tango and attempt to sort themselves out, I have realised what I learn every time I’m slightly poorly – health matters. 

As a pretty healthy yummy mummy with an immune system that’s usually like the Great Barrier Reef (thanks to years in the classroom surrounded by grubby hands and chewing gum squished under the table) it’s something that I value and look after…most of the time.

I say ‘most’ and I eat dairy (chocolate), grab take always for convenience and pure mouth amazing moments, I exercise when the feeling takes me (the feeling is often too busy at the local gym to pop around to visit me) and two qualities I lack are patience and commitment which are essential for any long term fitness commitment.

However, I’m really good at the balance of indulgence and treating myself whilst not bingeing or indulging to a point that people tell me I ‘look well’ this is usually code for ‘fat’. 

My body is my temple and I’ve believed this since I knew it was mine and it was all I had. Recently a tree branch came down on my right hand side wing mirror whilst I was driving, a little eBay shopping and a replacement was found and normality was resumed, (plus I learnt that it was heated?I never knew you could heat a wing mirror…) The point im making is had the branch of been an inch or two further it would have destroyed my front window screen and due to the fact I’m teenie tiny and sit literally on top of my steering wheel, it would have taken me with it…parts for me can’t be found in eBay, neither can a new mother for my son, so I counted my blessings and stay a little more on the healthy side or in this case – avoid country lanes where possible on windy days.

You don’t have to be Mr Motivator 24/7 to be healthy, a little treat is all good, a glass of wine with dinner is always pleasant…but if you’ve drunk the bottle and decide a tequila shot is a great idea or the glass(es) of wine have become a daily ‘treat’ it might be time to have a word with your brain and check there are no voicemails from your liver complaining about the amount of stress it is under and how its calling its trade union.

Look after yourself – no one else is going to and nobody else can. 

*this post is void over the Easter weekend, eat the chocolate and if you can eat the kids chocolate and get away with it – do it. 


25 thoughts on “Take care of your body

  1. I count eating the kids’ chocolate as saving them from too much. It’s a sacrifice that only a mum (and a greedy dad) can make. #thesatsesh


  2. Firstly, thank you for the disclaimer about Easter, I was worried for a second….
    Secondly, I read somewhere that teachers and social workers are the unhealthiest lot ever (or something) so I can relate to this post. It’s the ‘ill wait until the holidays to…’ that I hear in the staff room all the time! Don’t wait! Do it now. Look after your self today. Sigh. Anyway, I too have the dreaded Laryngitis; the lurgy of teachers and it’s a pain frankly. Yesterday was a tricky day teaching with no voice but today? Well it’s the holidays so I shall eat chocolate and bark at my own family like a walrus!
    Haha love your posts. #thesatsesh


  3. Great post- I love the quote. I am trying to up my healthy game at the mo- will let you know how progress goes, especially after Easter chocs make their way into the yellow sticker whoops bin at the supermarket…. 😉


  4. My immune system is normally fairly decent (I put that down to years commuting in London), until I caught a virus that lasted for the best part of last year. So this year I’m determined to appreciate being healthier again…. and i’m also going to appreciate the Easter chocolate! #thesatsesh


  5. True! I always say no one else will control your health for you. No need to give up anything as long as you keep your portions to just right rather than over-consume. lol #thesatsesh


  6. I am on a quest to drink more water and less soda. So far 2 weeks in I am doing good! Starting to feel better. Skin is clearer. Need to keep it up. #thatsatsesh


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