The Saturday Session #43

This week was tough. The last few breaths to the finish line are often the hardest but I can see the summer holidays are just around the corner (well next Tuesday), child protection issues often increases in my job and the paperwork that follows snowballs, extra cuddles are needed and from time to time I teach a lesson in the classroom and my sanity restores. Our dog is really ill at the moment, so home life is also about squeezing in extra doggy hugs and making each paw day count.

Luckily, my featured blogger rocked up with a winning combo of positive tips and a quote from Roosevelt, that is so fridgesays that I lapped it up like a kitten and her cream. Mummy here and there wrote a post titled the ’10 best life tips’ now personally I’d stop reading my waffle and hit the link above, humans suck at doing things that are joyful, we also often need to be reminding of what we should do – probably because we are too busy in our negative patterns of behaviour. Sams post also resonated with me because having read her blog for a while I know that she struggles with mental wellbeing and the chaos of society, even in my darkest weeks I’m a positive princess – but to fight the dark and shimmer is truly heroic, so give Sam a click and you may also leave wrapped in the embrace of karma, the focus to empty your inbox and the thought process to do micro jobs to get the big tasks done.

Hayley, as always also has a featured blogger – click here to see who she has selected. This linky will run until 28th July for summer so that I can be truly present over the vacation period with family and friends in the physical realm, so join now and get involved, below are the rules and the all important blue box. People who don’t follow them, will be deleted in the void of naughtiness. No exceptions made.


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