Happiness is only real when shared

Quote from ‘into the wild’

Happiness princess here again, absolutely loving this quote. This week Kate Spade died, at the point of writing this the news is reporting that she had left a suicide note. I text my friend and told her about Kate’s death (she’s a KS handbag lover) and she texted back some seriously wise words

“Being mentally healthy is everything”

The text above made the hairs on my neck stand on end. Truth can do that, it can cut through your soul and not leave a trace that’s it’s obliterated your very being.

I pondered on happiness to raise my self out of a potential pit of sadness and then I decided to do what I always do when my world looks like it might turn sour or the weight of the day has left me feeling empty – Make a mental gratitude list.

The list usually works like a magic spell to lift my spirit and redirect my day. However, I then realised something that for me felt profound. Although I relish the time I have alone (like now laid on the bed with a cup of chamomile tea and a candle for company #gangsta) all the moments of happiness I have usually involve sharing it with other people.

My son came home from a new Tennis club beaming today, he couldn’t wait to tell me what he had achieved. My happiness soared just hearing about his adventure.

New purchases don’t feel fun until you show others or they compliment, or ask where you got it from.

My tribe is the basis for most of my drops of happiness, but retelling and sharing moments is often the best bit.

I don’t think you can experience the true power of happiness alone. Do you? Perhaps you share a moment through social media or even with a pet (seriously my dog laughs at all my jokes), you send a postcard, letter or email.

The only way I can think that not sharing can be more fun is when you eat an entire bag of share sized crisps to yourself.

Being mentally healthy really is everything, if you are blessed with a serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine mix that’s good, or even better if you are mentally better by 1% then you were yesterday – you’re blessed. If you have someone (anyone…could be a pet) to share any more plus percentages with, then you’ve made it.

If you need some support to increase your percentages, please seek help via your GP or talk to the experts: Mind.org.uk for more info, many people (nearly 70% in the UK of elderly people) report being lonely, again more info here


16 thoughts on “Happiness is only real when shared

  1. Great point. I often find myself saving up good things from the day to tell my husband when he gets home from work and if he isn’t ready to receive them as soon as walks through the door it does deflate me. It is almost like I look forward to sharing the happiness as much as the moment itself #thesatsesh


  2. Oh I don’t know…after being in the classroom with what seems like 100 kids talking all at the same time, I feel happy in a field with the evening sun in my face, alone apart from the dog! I suppose at those times I’m thinking of my family so you may have a point! #thesatsesh


  3. Lucy, so true, happy moments are best when shared. In fact the reliving of the moment with the person(s) who shared the moment originally are often even better still! And I’m with you with regard the crisps. and you can damned well keep your hands of the Ben and Jerrys, that shit is all mine! #thesatsesh


  4. Im with you on this. It took me a long time to open up and say how i feel. Now i don’t have a problem as i know it’s not wrong to ‘not be ok’. Great post #thesatsesh


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