Change can be sunshine if you let it in.

Frankly it’s spring in the UK and I’m freezing…I’ve got more knitwear on right now that Marks and Spencer’s.

They say change is as good as a break, I’d say that haven’t been to the right locations, but it is true that change gives you a renewed energy, it allows you to see new pathways and even if at first it’s a little daunting, in time it becomes second nature.

Currently my son is reading a book about the metamorphosis of butterflies. As you turn the pages the butterfly makes the alterations it goes through look effortless. So much so, that in my next life I may have a go at it myself. There’s the larva stage where it seems life is one giant all you can eat buffet, the Pupa stage where you sleep for weeks and then you emerge like you’re on a reality TV show with shimmer and delight. How amazing must the butterfly feel when it flies after being a large slime-less slug stuck to the floor? How blooming terrified must it be to wake up one morning and find you’ve sprouted wings?

Wings; to be free, to glide and to see the world through an entirely new perspective. Those changes make my ability to change the washing detergent I use look ridiculous.

Life is short and much like the quote suggests, sunshine can come with change. Just like night changes to day, seasons change…we change, sometimes for the better, sometimes with effort and always with a new perspective.

May your days be filled with sunshine.


22 thoughts on “Change can be sunshine if you let it in.

  1. As a teacher I have had to get used to change as we are constantly forced to change our way of doing things to satisfy successive governments. But that doesn’t mean I always like it. I do however like the change in seasons and I am happy to see all the beautiful flowers arriving in Holland. Spring has certainly sprung here. Thank you for hosting #thesatsesh


  2. Change is so odd. I dislike circumstances or things that ground me changing but as I’m getting older I’m learning to embrace the changes in me personally#thesatsesh


  3. Good read. 😊 As they say, the only constant thing in this world is change. Some are subtle, some are big. How you react to change is what can make it good or otherwise. #thesatsesh


  4. I’m routine queen; it was the only way of “coping” when my kids were younger! As I get older, I worry less about change and try to embrace it. I think switching it up could be the way forward! Nice post hun. #thesatsesh


  5. A lovely, uplifting post. Thanks for bringing some sunshine into my Sunday morning. (here, but a bit late to the party #thatsatsesh)


  6. Great post! I love change and the thought of letting the sunshine in – and this year is all about making changes for me. I love the butterfly reference. When I rebranded my blog I put a butterfly in the logo because I knew the blog was about my personal changes, like going from a caterpillar to buttefly.. I’ve just written something similar actually, but my reference was rainbows haha. X #thesatsesh


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