I like my music so loud I can’t hear my thoughts

Quote Anon.

We are a musical family. My record player is blasting from the kitchen, in the car the base is always turned up and even in bed I often hit Spotify for some relaxing melodies to drift me off to the land of nod, bath music is often classical and did I mention music in the garden too. However, one thing is true – I adore my music turned up loud.

My personal music collection is eclectic and I tend to pick a different genre depending on the time of day, mood I’m in or mood I wish to create.

There is also a power in the silent moment of life which id like to acknowledge and have previously written about. However, when my mind is overloaded with lists of things to do, or if I’m building myself up for the day ahead – I often quieten my brain with my music turned up LOUD. I am totally a karaoke car Queen. I also thankful to Bluetooth, which means people now think I’m on the phone rather than giving myself a pep talk, raving, jiving or am a pop princess. Sometimes I make up lyrics to classical pieces (warning this is a simple way to destroy the power of Mozart in seconds), however if you often get anxious, are an over thinker or generally find your brain a hard place to be then music can be a pleasant vacation; you also don’t need to prebook via a travel agent, it’s often free and jet lag never occurs. In my opinion the louder the better helps to push away the outside distractions and internal frustrations.

How do you use music to control your emotions?


37 thoughts on “I like my music so loud I can’t hear my thoughts

  1. i’m a lover of loud live music, i just can’t not dance! however at home I’m a great one for enjoying the silence. I rarely have music on. In the car I generally have talk radio (radio 4) comfortingly yabbering away to me. In my office when i’m making glass things or painting i either have nothing or a TED talk . #thesatsesh


  2. I love a bit of music, played very very loudly, when cooking, or running, or walking by myself. And we often have a family sing-song in the car. We sang Katy Perry’s Roar at least 20 times on our drive to Italy last summer!


  3. I love how the right song at the right time can instantly change the atmosphere of a room. There’s always something playing in our house. We love a good boogie. And we like to think our carpool karaoke is the best. I’m not sure there’s anyone else on the planet that would agree though! #thesatsesh


  4. Ive definitely used music as therapy, especially when I’m feeling down. It has helped me get through some difficult times. But not all music has helped me, just the meaningful worded lyric songs that make me swoon and think. #thesatsesh


  5. I’m the same, the music I listen to depends on my mood. In the car it’s got to be loud enough to drown out my singing voice 😉 x


  6. There’s so much to say about the power of music!! For me, it alters (or enhances) my emotions. I often put music on when I’m in the kitchen, dance around and sing along. Makes ordinary chores much less boring. And for me and Penguin, songs are a way to connect and communicate, as he knows a lot of lyrics even though he’s non-verbal. So if I sing a song that he knows, and then pause a little, he’ll attempt to fill in the next word. So we can kind of sing with each other that way, which is lovely 😊x
    #thesatsesh (sorry for my late commenting! Just realised it’s already Saturday again and I’d lost track of going back to comment… 😱🙈)


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