Bread and water can easily be toast and tea

Quote Anon, but I wouldn’t mind betting the writer was English.

A stereotype that I completely fall in to is my love for a cup of tea and I’m also partial to a slice of toast. Toppings vary but somehow melted organic butter (no manufactured margarine in this house) usually hits the spot. Women in UK hospitals are often given tea and toast after labour and so many of my friends mention it as one of the best meals of their lives.

However, like many of the quotes I resonate with, this is all about perspective. I was listening to the classic Christmas track ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ and couldn’t help thinking, do they care? It would seem to me and many of my friends who have travelled to parts of Africa that they are happier than us without snow and tinsel. Being a glitter fan, I think a row of sparkly lights would enhance Africa but ultimately they are content without much of the nonsense we in the consumerism world feel are necessities. This I feel is something we should all take note of.

Happiness is a choice. Perhaps water and bread is something many of us take for granted and may be even some of us forget the joy of a cuppa and a slice of toast. This winter, I shall be looking for the joy in the simple treasures, they’re always the best. I like a glass of water when it is cold out of the tap, we always have wholemeal bread – therefore a fresh white cottage loaf from our local bakers its heavenly, cut thick with butter (obvs). There can be joy in bread and water too, should you choose to notice.

I’m editing this post on Christmas Eve. Its my favourite day of the festive season. Its like standing on the cusp of excitement. The presents neatly stacked, awaiting Father Christmas’s arrival, friends for Breakfast (seriously how good are homemade Pancakes, crispy bacon and maple syrup), a bucks fizz with friends, a trip to the local with our neighbours…a slow walk home in the dark (our village doesn’t have street lights) and admiring the houses with their Christmas lights shining bright….then a family tradition of a large cheesy pizza and watching Home Alone. Nice.

Before you get caught in the whirl of Christmas, take a pause and absorb the joy. There is always a sparkle to be found, should you choose to see it.

Merry Christmas to all and to all, a Cheese pizza night.


37 thoughts on “Bread and water can easily be toast and tea

  1. Christmas Eve is always fun and it used to be my favourite too. But now it’s Boxing Day. All the pressures of trying to make Christmas perfect are over, everyone is relaxed and happy and more often than not we have more fun than could have ever been brought on Christmas! It just proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to be happy. Just having all the family around is good enough for me. #thesatsesh


  2. Ah lovely! You are right….there is always sparkle to be found. There are always people who look on the bright side and those that don’t. Have you ever noticed that young children always notice that sparkle? I love mindfulness and will be fully embracing the sparkle in 2018. Thank you for your post and Linky. #thesatsesh


  3. I have to admit I have enjoyed way to many pancakes this Christmas. Oh dear! Yum. I have had pancakes and bacon. Pancakes and blueberries ha alsorts. I am now officially on a diet. Ha #satsesh. Christmas really did go by in a flash. My little one is also three this year. Ahh where has the time gone


  4. Your Christmas Eve traditions sound lovely. Its my dads bitrthday Xmas Eve so as a kid and before we moved to Wales we would also make a point of making Xmas Eve about dad and not about Christmas. Now we celebrate his birthday alongside mums at the end of January with a visit to Essex (which is where they live not just an arbitrary county we chose) an Christmas Eve really is like standing on the cusp of excitement


  5. I have to say, glitter is my favorite color and I would so prefer a cheese pizza to christmas dinner! I hope yours was fab! and please have a happy, healthy new year! xoxo #thesatsesh


  6. Christmas Eve is my fave day too – so much excitement and joy in the home. Your day sounds absolutely lovely. I also LOVE a slice of buttered toast and do remember the first brekkie I had after the girls were born – I was so excited that they gave me extra toast as I was trying to breastfeed twins 🙂 xxxx


  7. I agree with you that we do get caught up in a lot of fluff. Forgetting to take pleasure in our biggest and smallest blessings, giving thanks and also remembering that many around the globe don’t have what we have. A good start is reminding ourselves of it. #thesatsesh


  8. Christmas Eve is my favourite! It is so nice to reflect on what really matters and not get lost in the glitter and consumerism that places so much pressure upon us and often leaves us in debt. After I had my babies they gave me tea and croissants with real butter and yummy jam, I still remember how much I loved it! #thesatsesh


  9. You cannot beat tea and toast – fact! Perspective is everything, I totally agree. I have not felt as joyful as I should in recent years, but this year I am going to return to my old habits of finding the joy in the little things, they’re the ones that matter!
    Christmas Eve for us is pasta and garlic bread and then The Holiday once the youngest has gone to bed. Me and the teen spend the entire film swooning over Jude Law and my husband appreciates Cameron Diaz 🙂


  10. Christmas Eve is my favourite too. I hope you had a good one. Thanks for the reminder that life is what we make it! #thesatsesh


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