Where focus goes energy flows

Quote by Tony Robbins

Every now and then I write because I feel like I can’t breathe if I don’t let my fingers dance across the key board. This blog, my corner of the internet is something I’m so proud of. I’ve tinkered with various platforms over the years, but always in collaboration with others. This space is about being authentic to creating my very own brand, and within the words of its contents often lays my soul. This years blog goal came when I was walking the dog, I knew I was getting comfortable and needed to ‘step up’ my energy, the flowing result was my weekend linky with a wonderful blogging friend Hayley. The next step is even bigger and not yet fully defined, but 2018 will sparkle for whatmyfridgesays.

A few months a go, I set a goal – to love my house. It has never been love at first sight, it was more ‘it will do’, it made me sad and I can’t explain why but since moving in here in 2010 its been a struggle. One of the biggest issues that I had was my utter hatred for my kitchen (first world problems perhaps) I love to cook, every Christmas I would be in a space that made me sad and didn’t reflect the joy I poured into my food. I had a vision that I would never cook a Christmas meal in that space again. With a combination of struggle, a blessed cheque from parents, my own savings and squirrelling like a jar of Nutella, I can finally type that we are sooooo nearly there. The tradesmen have taken their tools and dusty boots and despite the fact that every square inch of our home is dusty and in need of a deep clean, my kitchen is shaping up to be just how I imagined it could sparkle. I’m very grateful to family and friends who have helped up to get to this stage, sometimes it takes a tribe to build a home. On a personal note I can honestly say that I’m beginning to see love reflected within the walls of our house, I guess sometimes like human relationships, love is complex. However, I also know that my energy and focus has been directed to this very goal.

I hold another dream for my son. I want to show him as much of the world as possible, to create memories and experiences – not things. Over the next few months we have planned and saved to provide him with some wonderful moments and I can’t wait to stand next to him and see it through his eyes. You don’t get second chances with children, they are only little for such a small amount of time before they fly the nest. I want the reflections of his nest to be full of love, memories and enriching experiences, not ‘should haves and buts’. I’m a true believer that if you can think it you can make it happen, that excuses are convenient diversions and that as I walk into 2018 I feel very accomplished.

Of course, now I fully understand the power of my energy, my thoughts and my flow, the outcome and goals for 2018 promise to be even sparklier, through the last month of 2017 I plan to write in my gratitude diary (as I always do) but I also plan to make the year ahead even better, even sparklier and full of as much laughter as possible. What are your plans for the year ahead?


17 thoughts on “Where focus goes energy flows

  1. Love that quote! May have to use that one with my teens….. I know exactly what you mean about your house. I love my home but the old house has the tiniest kitchen ever and trying to cook in it is a disaster! We are planning a large renovation this year and part of that is a new kitchen. I can’t wait….it’s already taken a year waiting for planning (it’s a listed building) but hopefully we shall hear soon and can start planning. I also love your plans for your family. I so agree that experiences are so much better for children than things. Happy new year to you and good luck with your future, #thesatsesh


  2. I’m totally with you on the fact that time flies and it’s easy to end up looking back with a lot of what ifs and buts… I’ve made the now a major priority since about a year and a bit back. It’s still very much a work in progress, this ‘new life’, but I was stressing myself ill before, so had to take a step back and find a different path to try. x


  3. That’s so lovely! And congratulations on your kitchen! I’m definitely in an ‘it will do’ relationship with our house. My daughter’s room s the only one we’ve decorated and even that needs updating a bit as it was a rush job. Every year i say we’re going to sort it out but there just seems so much to do! Room by room might be the solution… #thesatsesh


  4. Great post- this year will see changes for us as I pick up more work and, later on, my youngest will start school! All very exciting and definitely feel ready and raring to go with these changes. #thesatsesh


  5. ooo I think makes a difference if you have a workspace (pleasure or otherwise) to make it a place where you are comfortable and it will certainly influence motivation and performance X #thesatsesh


  6. I also need to love my house. A lot of my friends live in new builds and everything is all sparkly and new!! We didn’t have that luxury, and whilst I am happy for the extra space we have, it would be nice to polish it up a bit. This year could be that year! x #thesatsesh


  7. Wow – sounds like some exciting plans afoot – 2018 sounds like it’s going to be super duper exciting and full of fun for you and the fam. Can’t wait to hear more about your blogging plans too. I’m so pleased you’re feeling happier in your home now the kitchen is nearly done – that will make such a difference. xx #thesatsesh


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