Know your worth and then add tax 

Okay, so this quote from Anon is going straight into my top twenty of self love quotes! (Yes, that’s right people I used an exclaimation mark) 

I recently posted a YouTube post on my facebook wall from Kristina Kuzmic (link here because it’s well worth a look), I love her feisty vibe and so once you’ve taken a peep imagine I too am sitting in a bubble bath of joy with a glass in my hands as tall as the Eifle Tower. (* reality disclaimer: no drink, sat at the top of the stairs hiding from my family so I can write in peace) 

This YouTube clip combined with this quote makes me feel like Beyoncé on stage in her element. It’s absolutely crucial that as role models of the human race we all make ourselves number one. Why? Because this in turn allows us to serve others (loved ones and the odd  stranger who may need a helping hand) way better. When I’ve had some ‘me time’ I literally can take on the world. It allows me to gain a better perspective on the state of the universe and at the same time prevents me from starting arguments / world wars over how towels are folded, toilet seats left up and all those other household triggers. This in turn makes me easier and way more accommodating to live with. 

But there is a second bonus: my health is better as a result of indulging in myself. I’m emotionally stable (*kind of) and physically healthier. So how do I make time…I ask others to help me out. Whether that be an evenings child care / grandparent indulgence, or I ask Mr F to take over while I sit on the stairs and get this written. 

I also don’t priorities housework and chores over myself. I sometimes wake up earlier to do yoga, read or listen to a podcast when helping hands aren’t available, sometimes when I’m not too exhausted from work I stay up a little later. At other times I seize opportunities to walk the dog and leave the house… I promise whatever your situation if you prioritise you can always find five minutes, you could even start with three.

So, I have a few questions… 

  • Do you make time for yourself?
  • How do you make the time?
  • What do you do with the time?

I swear I’m 95 years old and I seem to choose a hot bubbly bath, time to read, time to write, to sit and drink a HOT cup of tea, some yoga or a sneaky GnT… so if my worth is time to write then surely the tax is a gin and tonic 🙂 stay happy and make yourself number one. 

40 thoughts on “Know your worth and then add tax 

  1. Guilt free phone usage after bedtime. Going to aqua aerobics one evening. Or going for a walk alone oppr joining a friend on her dog walk. Baths used to be my thing but the cat litter tray is in the bathroom so I often get a cat pushing the door open to come in and do a smelly shit mid way through my luxurious bath. I once shut the door tight and when I came out of the bath, I opened the door to find one of the vats had done a pile of stinking diarrhoea on George’s bedroom carpet! Doh! Baths have been a bit tainted since then lol


  2. Love this post and totally agree, I am also much nicer after a bit of me time. If I have twenty minutes or so, I walk the dog, catch up on Instagram, read. If I’m lucky to have longer I love to go to exhibitions. I make the time by getting up earlier or going to bed later! Enjoy your G n T, I will raise a glass to you when I next have mine!

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    1. Thanks Sally, i miss your little shop. Are you still online?
      Yes. I’m an early riser and this is my favourite ‘me’ time. The world is still and I can fully absorb me 🙂


  3. Love this post! I have to admit that I rarely take time out for me. Even when I’m writing, I usually have my daughter ‘helping’!!
    I am going to be listening more to both you and Kristina and really take some time out of the day just for me 🙂


  4. Some great points here – I do get hung up on the fact that there are so many chores to do, but at the end of a long day I’d rather relax with a glass of wine or a book – valuable me time! #TriumphantTales


  5. This is great and I agree with it all. I need some me time each day otherwise I start feeling very stressy! Even if it’s only 10 minutes to sit and gather your thoughts, or a quick walk to the shop, it all helps. Dealing with the world is a lot easier when you have put yourself first.. #TriumphantTales


  6. I totally agree with you that self-care is vital for my sanity. I try and go for a swim by myself once a week, when kids are in school/preschool. I always feel great afterwards. I started reading real books again, as opposed to reading blogs, papers, etc. on a screen, as I find that makes me so much more tired.


  7. I try and practice self care every day. My absolute is drinking water regularly. I have a 5min meditation, a twice weekly exercise class, 2 hours a day to write my play and I write my poetry in her naps. I also play, indulge, sing and have the best time with my little girl. I’d love to fit in yoga, I’m working on that. #TriumphantTales


  8. Great advice! I am useless at looking after myself and I know it. We live a long way from family and do not have much of a support network around us so finding babysitters is tricky. My go-to time off is having a bath because I can lock the door and have a few moments peace… which means I inevitably fall asleep! Oops! #dreamteam


  9. It can be hard to find time for myself, but I try to where I can. Even if it’s jst reading for 10 minutes I feel so much better for it.


  10. For me… my worth is through my blog. It started as a way to work through my PND. It then became a hobby, I then found friendship and now I get at least one major boost a week via a comment like “oh didn’t know you’ve only been blogging for 9 months” and even more so now I’m actually starting to earn every month from the blog.
    This is a place for my sanity, its my passion and its my time to be one with my mind and just free flow. It also gets hubby and ben off my back as now I’m earning I can use the “I’m working here” phrase… when I’m actually just surfing the net hahahahah!!! it’s “research” HONEST!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. Looking forward to seeing your next post on Tuesday

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  11. Yes, yes and more yes! Making time for yourself is so important. I have struggled a bit with this lately as my eldest is currently out of school and the hour a day I’d usually get when my baby naps is no longer free time just for me. I have been listening to podcasts while I cook their tea and grabbing five minutes with a book while they have some tv time or are playing happily in their rooms. I am definitely a better person to live with too when I’ve had time to look after myself xz #thesatsesh


  12. I am always much calmer, nicer and more relaxed after some me time, or often just some time away from work. Work has been taking over a bit recently. Fortunately, things like my blog, reading, or evening doing a bit of decorating can count as me time for me so this weekend should set me up for the working week ahead. Pen x #thesatsesh


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