Embrace the glorious mess you are in.

Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert

I often write when the family has settled (AKA doing other things away from me) or I have some time to allow my thoughts to type themselves up – its true, I often haven’t a clue what I’m going to write about, I just have an urge to type or my head feels overwhelmed and there is an inbuilt need to ‘type it out’.

Today I feel overwhelmed to type and armed with a cup of green tea, my MacBook Air and a vase of pretty flowers my bestie bought me you’d think i’d be ready to write in solitude and Instagram greatness…look a few inches from my dining room table and my son has turned my living room into a scene from a horror film, Star Wars is blaring from our TV and chaos incapsulates my home as the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it, Mr F is stomping around the home looking for something he has put down several days a go (I’ll give him a few more minutes of searching and then put him out of his misery, as I locate said item in thirty seconds with my inbuilt mother vision detective device; seriously I’ve got skills when it comes to finding lost socks, cufflinks or keys since giving birth).

My son has just interrupted me to ask me to read him a story. I stopped typing and read to him.

I read a lot about motivation, affirmations, letting go, manifestations and goal setting. Whilst I realise that to move on and up we need to visualise, make progress steps and surround ourselves with positive people, today Ive decided to embrace the chaos.

Letting go

Sure my entire home isn’t the way id like it, I hate my kitchen (new kitchen coming soon), there is often too much clutter and everything doesn’t have a place. Working full time means I don’t always have time to clean to the standard I would like and this can cause me to become anxious, although saying that I probably prioritise family over dusting if I did get a day for such things. Beyond the home, balancing work and play often gets befuddled and there are periods of time when the plates I’m spinning crash to the floor and slowly with the help of loved ones I brush myself off and pick up the pieces of plate scattered around me, often there is also a phase of life where there are sharp edges all over my life that I have to avoid stepping on – broken plates like life often throw a pointed edge into the mix. However, if I look at my living room and past the chaos, my son is happily playing in a giant box in the middle of his toys. The box is Gotham city and he is jabbering contently about Batman saving the city from ‘the clutches of the Joker’. I’m learning that if you let go over the negative, a positive scene is often playing out right before your eyes.

Im not adulting today

Growing up I thought that adults had it made, that they knew everything and had all the answers, its probably why we all step up the ‘growing up’ phase in the teenage years in hope to get to the good bit. Only to find its a trap.

Being an adult is a bit like a toddler in a pushchair; you spend your entire shopping trip trying to convince your parents to let you out of the chair and the rest of the trip trying to get someone to carry you or let you back in the chair for a comfy snooze. I am that adult trying to avoid making decisions, stepping away from responsibility and avoiding paying bills like the plague.

Every now and then I allow myself a day or a few hours from being an adult, today is that day. My son can eat chocolate for every meal if he wants and the house chores can wait until tomorrow. I may prioritise painting my nails and I will certainly be wearing stretchy clothes because I am bound to also eat far too much chocolate and the extra elastic will help. I will drink far too much tea and may play some of my vinyls too loud. I will play with my son the games he wants me to play, even though I haven’t a clue about ‘The force’ or the galaxies he finds delight in.

I will submerge into the now and let go of the routine… tomorrow I’ll adult and use ‘The Force’ that I’ll learn about later today to clean this place up to an adult standard, tomorrow I will discipline and create structure…but today I will let go and enjoy the glorious mess that life has given me, I’ll choose to see through the mess and enjoy the moments of sparkle.

Now lets put that kettle on…


28 thoughts on “Embrace the glorious mess you are in.

  1. What a wonderful perspective to have. I agree, we should take more time to sit back and see the wonder unfurling in front of us and pop the stress of the chaos aside. You set the scene just perfectly #MarvMondays

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  2. I love days like this. I have always been so neurotic about things and as every year passes I get a little less so. (My year living in Spain during uni and then my first year of motherhood being the two biggest leaps forward!) More and more now I give myself time to just do whatever I want. Recently I have even been doing it with blogging as it’s started to feel like a chore which I don’t want it to.

    You’re right that the other stuff can wait. I’m fast becoming an advocate of the “When it annoys you enough, you’ll do something about it.” approach to housework! #MarvMondays

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    1. This is fabulous, I fully agree – a little fluff never hurt anyone and most things can wait, after all the moment is so much more enriching


  3. Oh yes, I have days like this, sometimes a little too often, but they are necessary. Life is too short to worry about if it’s clean behind the fridge.


  4. Learning to let go, I love that, my house in in chaos at the moment as we finish another property at Coombe Mill, no one cares but me though, they still have hot meals each evening! #MarvMondays

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  5. I relate to this so much! Especially the beginning bit … as I sit blogging in my toy-strewn living room ignoring the mess. And the fact that I can always find things in 2 seconds that elude my husband. You are right that just letting things be and doing the things that help you relax should be a priority sometimes. Thanks for linking to #EatSleepBlogRT. Hope you join again next week.


  6. What a truly inspirational read!! Just loved the plates analogy and the bit about a positive unfurling in front of you if just let go. I’ve just accepted the mess both physical and abstract, in life and live through it these days. Self preservation Thanks for joining #candidcuddles again


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