Exercise is therapy 

Quote unknown. 

Before you think I’m preaching in this post…I’m once again writing by the side of the pool whilst the boys swim – so I am no Lycra maniac or green kale chick addicted to spin classes and lifting weights that are…well, heavy. 

I use to like the odd aerobic class before my little dude was born and have always had membership to a gym or taken part in something, but in all honesty I prefer a swim and sauna than anything too strenuous. That said, I left that life behind after motherhood…I already work full time away from my boy and don’t wish to miss anymore of his moments due to my need to look slimmer on a beach and peddle in circles like a hamster caught in a wheel. 

Little dude is now four years old and in September 2016 I felt it was time to find some movement and motivation for me. Some me time and something that wasn’t for the working me, the mummy me, the family me but just me. This is when I found my therapy.

I couldn’t find a class that suited by timetable or didn’t interfere with family time so I have private 1-2-1 classes of yoga on a Sunday morning before the world wakes that suit my needs. It’s expensive but worth it. It is my therapy and I know this because when I can’t go or my instructor can’t attend – my world is a little dim, my Monday morning is a little more intense and I lose me in a world of demand and needs by others. 

Walking the dog is another one im partial too, especially as we can do this as a family. We have a Labrador and last night the sun was out so she even walked us to the local pub for a summer toast. What a thoughtful pooch. 

Exercise is a form of therapy, it makes you feel good and tighten your core. I find yoga keeps me free of health issues and allows me to challenge certain muscles to perform certain moves. However, I think you have to find the style that works for you, otherwise giving up is easy and as I said family time is precious to waste. 

I’d love to know how others find their therapy? Comment in the box about how you make exercise work for you… 


18 thoughts on “Exercise is therapy 

  1. I really agree with this! I used to do an outdoor boot camp which I stopped when I was 20 weeks pregnant, but haven’t been able to get back in to exercising since having the baby (I say baby, he’s almost 2!!) But I always felt that little bit more energetic and lively after working out and I really must find something for myself to do that fits in with work and family….#MarvMondays

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  2. Pre-parenthood I was a rower so I would diligently (albeit sometimes unhappily) train 5 – 6 times per week. I always did 40 – 60 minute session including a proper stretch. Now I go through real peaks at troughs where at best I manage 3 20 – 30 minutes workouts a week. When I get stressed out, it’s the first thing to go even though I know that it will help me. I have the day off on Thursday so I am going to do something then to give myself a boot up the behind.

    I know what you mean about finding something that works for you though. I try to mix things up a bit. We have a rowing machine (from my former life) and bike trainer (my husband is a cyclist) in our conservatory. I also like to do a bit of HIIT from my Davina DVD. I recently bought a yoga DVD too as I find it really calming and centring.

    Good on your for doing your Sunday classes. Great idea and it’s definitely money well spent if it helps you. #DreamTeam

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  3. So true. It’s so important to have something that’s just for ourselves. I think for me that is blogging. It’s a way of working through my thoughts about the things that matter to me. I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you x

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    1. They are delightful and I love they happen at a time that suits my family too. Running feels too harsh on my body, but I love that you have found what works for you – it’s crucial to being fabulous

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  4. I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you – I think we all need a little “me” time, and doing something that is a way of looking after yourself too is even better. I like to go swimming – I can go at my own speed and be content with my own thoughts for a time, instead of dashing around after everyone else in my house! I think blogging is my therapy too 🙂 #blogcrush


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