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When I grow up I want to be a Mermaid. I blame Ariel and Eric, oh and Sebastian the crab (lobster?) well you get the idea. 

I love swimming and brushing my hair, I have a great collection of both bikinis and shells…Unlike The Little Mermaid I’m thinking ‘down there where it’s wetter’ may be more ideal. (No innuendo intended) 

I do like to eat seafood which may mean I’m a little friendless but ultimately I feel I have both the skill and capacity for taking my new lifestyle to the next level. 

So one day I will be a Mermaid, what am I waiting for? Why delay? Well, I’m actually waiting for techno dudes to stop concentrating on fighting deadly virus’s and creating sustainer villages, iPhone 800’s and such to focus on building me a fin. Several years ago there was a craze to crochet mermaids tails, my mum said she would give it a go for me but I’m not sure a fabric that isn’t water proof is what I’m looking for in my attempt to be ‘Part of that World’ long term. 

If you think I’m being ridiculous then you’ve misunderstood the tone of my post, one day I will be a Mermaid. When I was four I decided I wanted to be a Teacher. I would line my dolls and teddies in lines and take the register for hours in preparation…an education and a degree later and I MADE IT. 

However, perhaps if this is ‘day one’ I really should think about some of the obstacles in my current life and try tackling them, after all we all need a plan. Plus you can’t always trust in technology taking its time, what if my fin arrives sooner than expected? Firstly, I wrinkle in water – Arial seemed wrinkless in the 90 minute animation, so perhaps I could increase my wrinkle cream rountine and take longer baths in preparation. (Tick)

Also, I’m not a fan of being cold – so family move to a hot climate with tropical sea conditions may be necessary. I’ve just asked Mr F about this and although keen on a warmer climate I feel he isn’t taking the move seriously, I could be wrong but the sentence construction he just used involved many blue words not found in the dictionary and ended with ‘are you still talking’.

Whilst I get him use to the global migration of our family I’ll tackle another issue – I’m not keen on getting my hair wet. Yes, I am that blonde in the pool who over stretches her neck and gives children evil glances for even thinking of splashing her with the liquid she is surrounded in. I’ve watched the Disney classic again and from what I can see in or out of the water Arial has the same insanely gorgeous hair, so perhaps this comes with the fin? Like a bolt on can for phone contracts… (half tick)

Still reading and thinking I’m insane…no more insane than you if you have a dream and today isn’t your ‘day one’, leave the ‘one days’ to Disney and make those dreams happen. 

61 thoughts on “One day…

  1. This is great. Though my dreams aren’t so mermaidy (fish phobia) shouldn’t we all just crack on with day 1!! #PostsFromTheHeart

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  2. Ha ha fab post! I’d secretly like to be a real life fairy and live in a toadstool in the woods! Seriously though, I’m 46 and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! #Triumphanttales

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  3. Haha love it. I hope this is the kick up the butt I need. I’m seriously lacking in motivation but if today isn’t my day one then my dreams will always only be one day… thanks for the inspiration #DreamTeam

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  4. I’ve totally got my Ariel rock splash perfected after years of practising in my mum and nan’s bath. I do have an aversion to crab though and I am petrified of birds so scuttle and sebastian can do one. Eric and his dog, im totally down with and I agree about moving to a warmer climate. Perhaps we can be mermaids together? =]
    Thanks for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. Hope to see you again next week!

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  5. Love the whole ‘one day ‘ or ‘day one’ concept – it really makes you think. Only now I’ve read this for some reason I have ‘under the sea’ on a loop in my head! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales. xx


  6. I love this so much, perhaps because like you I believe in making a plan to make my dreams happen… whatever those dreams may be. I hope that one day you do indeed get to become a mermaid… despite the disadvantages… who knows what modern advances will bring. #PostsFromTheHeart

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  7. What a brilliant way of thinking, maybe it’s what I need. My legs don’t work anymore and I’d be happy with a mermaid tail instead. But you’ve hit the nail on the head, I have had dreams but I’ve never grabbed them. Today should be day one!

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  8. Hehe this is so true (plus I love a post with a Disney reference!) I went on a course a few years back that used the phrase “the life I love” – they said every decision or move should either be because it added to the life you wanted or would help you on the road towards that life. It’s something that’s always stuck with me – start taking the steps now and your “one day” maybe closer than you think #blogcrush

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  9. Oh I’m all about overusing exclamation marks!! Hahaha. It was actually a course called “Phil Parker’s Lightning Process” which is designed to help people overcome things like depression, or anxiety, or eating disorders, or whatever it is that’s holding you back from having “the life you love”. It was brilliant and I’m always recommending it to people!

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  10. Sadly I won’t be able to join you as a mermaid as I can’t bear putting my face in the water. I’ll make do with visiting you on the rocks for #thesatseshwithmermaids
    ….And you have made me think about turning my one days into day ones.


  11. You can be anything you set your mind to it. I believe there is a restaurant in Disney that hires mermen and mermaids to swim while dinners are eating. Wouldn’t that be something! @thatsatsesh


  12. Haha, well, in the last 18 months I think I’ve had more ‘day ones’ than ‘one day’, so I might be on the right track to living out my dreams! I think… ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿคก๐Ÿค xx


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