Some days…

It’s true. I lack consistency. 

Some days I can arrive early, upbeat and organised beyond expectations. Other days I’m lucky to make it out of the front door without forgetting the essentials and brushing my hair is a luxuary.

How could I not use this quote; it’s got the word fridge in it. It literally jumped at me ninja style and curtsied with a wink. Plus, it read my mind. Lately I’ve been sharing gratitude on Instagram with the bloggers from #Grateful52 and in the next few weeks I plan to share a series of kindness acts, mainly because I want to be more actively kind myself. I think it’s important for the little dude to see his Mummy demonstrate these qualities. I guess this is the ‘amaze’ part of the quote. Many dislike Instagram and social media for its perceived ‘perfect lifestyles’ but I think perhaps we may have forgotten that we all have elements of joy to share. I truly love my job, my family and pizza, it would be wrong not to share this with the world (although I wouldn’t actually share pizza, that’s what BOGOF’s are for) plus I choose not to share the negative, it’s not something I wish to manifest in my world and it’s not a vibe I want my son to be over exposed to. The mass media, politics and society’s perception on diversity have this sorted. They ooze negativity and scarcity, however as always I believe in balance also. 

I have left my keys in the fridge. I’d like to blame pregnancy but I was 19 years old and at university so it was probably sleep deprivation, a poor diet and alcohols fault (they made me do it Mum). I haven’t ever dropped my keys down a drain, but I guess there is still time. I have been locked out twice in one week and made the locksmiths Christmas with new fancy locks and call out fees (he didn’t offer me a BOGOF). We are all (mostly) human and make mistakes, error of judgement and sometimes breed with complete and utter losers. We find ourselves in situations that should be on reality TV shows and we pull ourselves up from the ashes of doom. BUT I maintain that we don’t have to wallow in misery, although sometimes it’s nice to paddle for a short amount of time. 

Instead I’m with team amaze. Of course there will be days of haze but if we celebrate the joyful moments and push that out to the world surely that can only manifest more love…and right now we need more love and kindness in the world.

 Who will join me on my mission, how do you stay upbeat in this crazy world of ours? 


28 thoughts on “Some days…

  1. I’ve dropped my keys into a drain before – oops!!!! (in fact they weren’t even my keys, you won’t believe this but i was thrown them and I was standing on a drain…never been any good at catching). This example aside… My sister and I always say we think we are really lucky people – but this annoys my dad, who corrects us and tells us that we make our own luck with our attitude and our decisions. Love my daddy! I do my very best to ignore negative things and people – life is too short for them. Yay – happy Monday. Kate, Five Little Stars xx #PostsFromTheHeart

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  2. You aren’t alone! I often flitter between being on my a-game, to almost forgetting the kids. I love that you’re all about positivity, with all the negativity in the world, we could use a sprinkle of happiness! lovely post! #PostsFromTheHeart x
    Becky x

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  3. Ha ha! I love this. On more than one occasion I’ve lost my cutlery (just before eating dinner) and my mobile and found them later in the fridge. Definitely wasn’t pregnant every time either. #PostsFromTheHeart

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  4. I lost my keys a few weeks ago. They were in the bathroom sink?!? I really don’t know how that happened. I could always blame the kids but I think they were strapped in the car already.

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  5. Lost keys countless times as a young (*possibly drunk*) adult. And phones. And coats. And glasses. It was a nightmare I never wish to return to!
    Oh, and yes, some days you rock it and get so much done, the next day you feel like you deserve a break because you’ve been so amazing. And day 3 you’re right back where you started 😠 adulting is HARD *stamps foot* #PostsFromTheHeart ❤

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  6. I’m definitely inconsistent! The days I wake up with PMA, I feel better, am more productive and generally have a happy household. So today I’ve decided is going to be one of those days! #MarvMondays

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  7. I think I flit between being really happy with all I’ve accomplished to days when I am quite the opposite. I once tried to do all of the weekend tasks on one day! #PostsFromTheHeart

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  8. lol what a fun quote & sums up the mind so well – some days we are on fire & others it’s a total haze! Thanks for sharing your quotes with us at #candidcuddles

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  9. I think the only time I’ve lost my keys I ended up finding them in a shoe. They’d fallen off the hook into the pile of shoes underneath! I really try to focus on the positives as much as possible, I do believe in the idea that what you focus on expands x #CandidCuddles

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  10. I’m with you 100%! Nobody has a perfect life, but the point is to choose to be happy with that and look at things from a positive instead of a negative viewpoint. I’m pretty rubbish at most things (being negative) but I have so much to be grateful for and I think I’ve been very lucky, so I’m focusing on the good things and making myself feel good. #CandidCuddles

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