Eating well is a form of self respect.

Quote unknown 

I’ve decided that we all have issues around food; some over eat, some under eat, some are fussy, some eat to comfort and others to reward, some are obsessed with counting the calories and others eat to forget reality…we are all in the food spectrum of crazy. 

I’m not that bothered about food if I’m honest BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t have weaknesses…crisps are my treat and delight, I can’t help it – I love them, to the point I don’t buy them because I will eat them ALL, seriously what’s the ‘share’ bag all about? 

However, I like this quote because it reminded me of things that I think are really important when it comes to nutrition…

 Your body is a temple: it’s true, it can’t easily be replaced and you deserve the best. Now we all have weaknesses and treats but try and make them the best quality you can afford. If you fancy a bit of chocolate rather than buy a cheap bar, most posh choccie often has a higher coco ratio which means you don’t have to eat so much. Plus, I always feel like it’s a bigger indulgence when it’s posh. Its usually richer too so you don’t need as much to satisfy you. Unless chocolate is your ‘crisps’ in which case, I wish you all the best. 

I often think what would the best of me pick? Then I have that. I don’t waste calories on things I don’t really like anymore either, I’ve never really liked raw tomatoes, so I have salads without them…this literally occurred to me several weeks a go, I realised I only have them on my plate because I thought I should. I’m also not into mushrooms and fry ups..I’d rather have a dippy egg and save my calories for a pizza later in the day 🙂

When eating out and about I always eat locally sourced, or eat what the place does best, for example in a steak house why would I want a pizza? On vacation in Barbados why would I want a Mexican dish? Eating native means I always find the chefs sprinkle a little more love into the recipes and it’s often cheaper. 

This quote should probably be on most of our fridges, it might help us to make better choices, surely our engines would run better with healthier options motoring us. I also think about my responsibility as a role model to my little dude, variety really is the spice of life and we all eat a huge variety and try new things together. I also don’t beat myself up about having a dessert or indulging every now and then. I don’t want him to see his Mummy counting calories and branding foods as ‘naughty’. So on that note, I’m off to eat a custard filled Doughnut as a Sunday delight just because. What’s your favourite food? 


34 thoughts on “Eating well is a form of self respect.

  1. This is so very true. I’ve been neglecting my health of late due to family circumstances but realised that eating rubbish just leaves me feeling drained, both physically and mentally. I’ve vowed to start eating better and even take some time out to exercise more. Much love xx

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  2. Oh, I love this quote. My guilty pleasure is Maltesers – again what does share bag even mean?! However when I have a healthy week I feel so much better about myself – this was just the kind of Monday motivation I needed so thank you! #MarvMondays

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  3. I believe it’s all about balance. You can have what is considered “unhealthy”, like pizza or fries or chocolate, if you balance it with the healthy food – raw vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruit and un-processed food. I would say 30:70 (30%unhealthy 70%healthy) and you win! 😉 #marvmondays

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      1. Yep. Next week I’m going on raw food only for 40 days – my 40 day challenge. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep updates on my blog:) fancy joining in with me?;)

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  4. Oh I get too confused over what is healthy and what isn’t, most of the time. I can give or take chocolate however. I’m pescatarian so I eat lots of fish and seafood (I think that’s good?) and vegetables. But I love a greasy pizza or cheese garlic bread. I could probably do better but on the scale of things I’m probably not too bad. Crisps are awesome though, I get you totally!

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  5. Another excellent quote and this one really resonates with me. I think it’s so important to not get hung up on calories but on quality and benefit. Eat things that are good for you or things that you enjoy. But have a balance between the two as well. There is no point in going through life and never eating something you enjoy, even if it is bad for you. Just don’t do it everyday! I really hope I can teach my daughter a positive message about food. I hate the thought of her being obsessed by weight and clothes size rather than being active and healthy. I’m really trying to practice what I preach…like you are! #MarvMondays

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      1. They always stressed the importance of eating veggies etc. I was born in the 80s though so the awareness of sugar wasn’t what it is today. So I definitely had too much sugar. They also weren’t so good at self-restraint so I definitely ate too much as I got older. But my mum did have rules about certain foods (no more than 2 biscuits a day for example) so I can generally set myself a rule now and then stick to it. You really do inherit habits from your parents! What were yours like?

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      2. Mum lacks will power and TBH I decided to never get over weight because I was frustrated that all she spoke about what the newest fade. Dad was dull and a meat and veg man, so I guess I did the opposite of that too…there isn’t much I don’t like

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      3. That’s really interesting. There are definitely things where I have done the opposite to what my parents did. Suppose it shows no parent is perfect and that even as a kid you can form your own views on the right way to live! I turned veggie at 12 so from 15 I used to make a lot of my own food because my dad also always had to have meat!

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  6. I find that I crave sugar and fat when I’m tired, which is most days since I’ve had my children! I have to really watch myself, and remind myself that drinking water will actually make me feel better than the pop that I really fancy! x #CandidCuddles

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  7. Really good points – I am a bit crap really with food I do lots of the things you mention over eat, eat to comfort and to reward. It’s never really seemed a problem to me before but as I get older and the metabolism slows it is beginning to be…. xx

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  8. I am such a carb fiend but i know it doesnt do well for me. i also have a massive sweet tooth which again… no wonder i’ve put on so much weight since having a baby!!! both quick and easy to make and eat! im making amends though and bringing more dull healthy foods into my life haha #dreamteam

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  9. Oooo I love this! You are what you eat they say so it makes sense that eating well is respecting yourself. We should all have that stamped on our fridge & pantry doors! Thanks so much for sharing with us at #candidcuddles


  10. You’re so right. Sometimes I will crave something naughty and in a bid to satisfy myself I end up caving in and eating loads of junk, when in fact if I’d just had a bit of what I really fancies (and the best quality of at that) I’d have saved myself a whole load of calories and stress! This should indeed be on all of our fridges! Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x


    1. No worries, its a nice quote.
      i think what you fancy is usually good for you (in moderation) and it stops you going crazy on a junk binge – i also think God sucks for putting lots of calories in cake and not fruit and vag haha

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