We are all broken 

It’s true, we all are. At times a little chipped and at others smashed with only hope and superglue to save us. 

Once you realise that you aren’t ‘mint in condition’ and more ‘wear and tear’ you can appreciate yourself more. Perhaps like an antique dealer looks over their goods, you should look in the mirror and see the advantages of age. My hair is highlighted which is far superior in appearance and condition to my teenage sun-in days. My wrinkles are forming through laughter and joy, with the help of time I fit my body far better than my twenties. I know it’s strengths and hide is weaknesses with accessories, frills and clever darts in the right fabrics. 

Normal is dull and actually, although I like sleek lines and Instagram homes, I really like the dents in my home, no seriously- my dinning room table has a few scuffs from usage. The famous fridge of magnet love also has a large dent on its right side from my sons head (which was also a lucky escape from a trip to AnE) and so it makes sense that our ‘flaws’ make us unique. 

As for the light seaping in, I think that’s a little deeper than our physical appearance. Our soul is our true light and when it meets someone it connects with – it instantly beams. Perhaps our flaws that keep us individual also allow us to maintain deeper relationships, not necessarily with a partner but friends and loved ones in general. My best friend doesn’t look like Taylor Swift, she is intelligent but no Einstein and when we sing together it makes me beam inside – but it won’t be winning us any BRIT awards and despite our in depth conversations, I’ve never heard a mention of a Nobel Peace Prize? However, she is perfect for me. I love her flaws and her attitude to life, I adore the way she finds a boost of assertiveness every so often and for the rest of the times is passive and puts herself to the back of the line, always at her own detriment. 

Look at your loved ones and love their flaws. Enjoy each others unique talents, ways and methods. Then look in the mirror and say ‘sure I’m broken, but look at the light that comes from within and now glows for those I chose to share it with’. That surely is what living is all about, right? May your days be full of light 🙂 


28 thoughts on “We are all broken 

  1. Beautifully put. I love this quote. As the mum of a special needs child it has a slightly different connotation for me. Some people treat my son like his broken and don’t see that light they are missing out! Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT 🌟


  2. I love dents! I feel so comfortable in my home because it is so far off perfect. I used to expect so much more of my body, but am so much more accepting of its flaws now. I adore your comment about the soul. A wonderful post. Alison x #MarvMondays

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  3. Oh this is my new favourite quote!! I LOVE it and it could not be more true! I have always thought of myself as being broken in a negative way but I think in truth my broken bits have made me stronger, thank you so much for this. #candidcuddles

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