Celebrate every tiny victory 

Quote by Anon
This quote excites me. In a ‘live for today ‘way, rather than counting down to the next big event and slowly wishing our days away.

Back in 2009 I was pregnant and like all chaotic moments – buying a house. The year seemed to be eating at our souls slowly, so much to do and so little time to do it in. More terrifying was where to start. It was at this time that my midwife encouraged me to relax more and Mr F started taking me to the pub for a celebratory lemonade (outrageous I know) in the afternoon, it was the last trimester where I was reluctant to leave the house. With money tight we felt the need to have a reason to go out midweek and so we started to celebrate our daily victories. Send paper work off – Chink, to a week later completing a survey on the house or buying a pram – chink. 

Mile stones seem to follow with the birth of a baby; from rolling on their tummy to first steps. Yet just before two years the mile stones ease and the celebrations frequency seems to also.

My ‘to do list’ is endless and although when I complete individual tasks I feel satisfied I never really celebrate the end of the list. I’ve never wrote a Facebook status on the topic, or even tweeted my joy…in fact until now I’ve never taken the time to reflect that I have ever got to the end of the list, perhaps because I’m busy writing tomorrow’s ‘to dos’ and that isn’t healthy or productive. 

Tiny victories make for happy souls. Think how far you’ve come since the start of the year, the month or even what you’ve achieved this week. May be even jot them down.

  • Got home earlier than usual 
  • Cooked dinner, sat and chatted to Mr F over said dinner with candles lit and…
  • Toys cleared away
  • Two loads of washing 
  • Wrote this post 🙂 
  • Participated in a linky by commenting on other blog posts 
  • Updated Instagram @fridgesays and Twitter whatmyfridgesay 
  • Showered 
  • Planned outfit for tomorrow

Okay, so perhaps this isn’t the makings of a God like figure, but this list occurred in a three hour time frame, with family around, distraction and with other many victories in between.
The washing pile took a battering, my blog blossomed, Mr F and I connected and that’s healthy progress, if we slowed down and noted the commendable moments that pass so many of us by, perhaps we would all have a little more self love and less doubt. How many people would love to start a blog but don’t have time are too busy to sit down mid week and share a meal, now before I award myself a medal and you think I’ve lost the plot here comes the magic

You’re victorious too. We all are. We just forget to celebrate it. 

What we don’t realise is that celebrating doesn’t need a social media status, a party for 6000 people or a food/drink reward.

It takes tiny moments and a tiny amount of time to recognise and enjoy the self satisfaction of what we have done, rather than going to bed with a list of all we still have to do, feeling exhausted and like we are failing. 

Today is a gift and that’s why we call it the present, perhaps this is our most precious victory and it isn’t so tiny. 

If you suck at looking at your daily victories, I have a game that may work. 

Just before I pull into my village on the way home I go over my day and remind myself of eight moments where I was successful. (I’m not sure why eight, it just feels right for me) The best bit about this game is I now ask J (aged three) what his favourite moments were, it can easily be adapted. By the time I’ve put the car in neutral and removed the car keys I always feel good about my day and what I have achieved. 

A positive mindset helps you reach your goals quicker, lifts your soul and even makes for a happier being. What’s not to love? Start treasuring your achievements everyday. You are victorious 


27 thoughts on “Celebrate every tiny victory 

  1. I write a roundup each week and in it I note my moments. I call it finding the beauty in the everyday. I try and note down a couple of things a day and then choose my favourites for the week, I’m not sure I could do 8 a day but I am going to try looking for the smaller victories. I love writing my roundup post because even in the weeks I don’t think have been so good there are always great things to find, like when I had my hysterectomy which was a very hard week there were some truly lovely moments ⭐️Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT I really enjoyed reading this post ❤️

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  2. This is really lovely. So easy to ignore the little achievements and worry about what we aren’t achieving! Thanks for the gentle reminder that we are all actually getting places. Sometimes (like today) doing a load of laundry seems like a mammoth task so when I have it done I’ll proudly bask in the glory of the little victory! #MarvMondays

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  3. I love this. You are so right. It’s about celebrating the small moments. We went out last weekend to soft play and I we were just still watching our girl and my eyes just filled as I watched her just determinedly walking around and lifting things up, each little thing a huge achievement for her. I also do the #3goodthings thing from time to time where I write three good things each day – I need to do it more often really x #EatSleepBlogRT

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  4. This is lovely. As you say, it’s so easy just to tick off the things on your to-do list and then get straight on with your next list. Taking a moment to reflect on what you’ve achieved can be such a boost. I am going to try and do this more in the future. #MarvMondays

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  5. Couldn’t agree more – so important to celebrate those ‘small victories’. Great game to play with your little lad, we do something similar at bedtime too. Also love that you have planned your outfit for tomorrow – you are a much more glam teacher than me 🙂 #eatsleepblogRT xx

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  6. I love this! You’re totally right. My achievements for yesterday were actually almost identical to yours. Whilst they just seemed liked ‘the norm’, it was actually a lot of stuff. Thanks for giving me a positive re-enforcement for the day! #MarvMondays

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  7. I love this post! You are so right, and you have completely inspired me to go ahead and get that gratitude diary that I have had my eye on to keep track of all the little things. I play your game too with Little Button, except we usually do 5! Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx

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