Interrupt anxiety with gratitude 

Quote from Danielle Laposte

Disclosure: this quote flows with ease, the reality of anxiety isn’t always as simple. I realise that but think there is merit in this quote, let me explain why…

Anxiety: prevalent in developed countries, the biggest form of mental health in the USA and consuming teenagers like a Bee to nectar. 

What can we do? Well it’s complex, anxiety is often simultaneous with depression and at times will require either medical treatment or a holistic approach to overcome. The good news is many people are naturally anxious and it can be a personality characteristic than something needing long term treatment, it’s this form that I think this quote is aimed at. Anxiety is one of the many rainbow of emotions we are meant to feel, like all spectrums of emotions they allow us to form strategies and live our lives with the least resistance. I work with and for many people who are anxious by nature. I think it’s often a way the human brain shows it cares and at times can go in to overdrive, after all if we didn’t care we wouldn’t worry. It’s in this case that a drop of gratitude and a balanced look at the situation can dilute anxiety. 

Anxiety doesn’t care who it strikes and when, it doesn’t prefer poor, rich or polka dot but it does frequent females more often. 

My interpretation of this quote is that if you come across someone who is suffering from the anxiety, sit them down (hyperventilating has a wonderful way of making people faint) calmly speak to them and use positive sentences of gratitude, love and reassurance where possible. It really can help and although may not be the solution, to me its basic mathematics; a negative can be overcome by a positive. I work with one girl who is now able to use key sentences of self love to manage what once were daily attacks.  

To everyone who has avoided anxiety, keep the gratitude flowing and those daily mantras of self love, worth and belief will serve you dearly. 

*if anxiety is being served to you on a plate that you’d rather not consume, see you GP and gain guidance from site such as Mind 


7 thoughts on “Interrupt anxiety with gratitude 

  1. Anxiety is such a common thing nowadays isnt it? It seems so many people suffer with some form of it. It’s hard. Well done you for spreading awareness and offering advice xx

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  2. Thanks so much for linking up to #friyaylinky I suffer from anxiety but for me there is no thought process its all physical reactions to things and very bad physical reactions too. I’m not even feeling ‘anxious’ at the time. It’s so hard to explain but for me it’s so far from just feeling a bit anxious so there are definite degrees of it but I totally agree on this and positivity can have a huge effect 🙂

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