Peace comes from within…

 What a terrible reflection in this picture? So sorry. This quote is from Buddha.

When I wake up late, the toast burns, the traffic lights take forever to change to green and my day generally collapses into a pile of chaos…peace is hard to imagine, let alone re establish.

Many gurus in motivation and life coaches suggest that your morning routine is the most important of the day, it sets you up – although I agree, I’m not sure many of them have a toddler in tow, a nursery bag to pack, coats to grab (or not, I always forget my own) and of course the most essential meal of the day – which I call the ‘ram it in and run’ meal, I have heard people also refer to it as breakfast.

My mornings are precious and regular readers will know I’m partial to waking before the birds to catch my breath, a yoga session or just to walk around the house giving order to objects and in turn order to my day.

However my favourite ritual is what I’m doing as I write this post – Sunday evenings.

It is precious.

First, I walk the dog – alone (as in, not with a toddler), nature and walking is good for my soul. I then come home to help pop a little man in to his PJ’s and settle him for the night – next is bath time, mummy style.

For me, there HAS to be posh bubbles and classic fm blaring, the water has to be so hot my skin is pink, no toys insight – the rubber duck who use to keep me company is now strictly for toddler tides.

My only other essential is some sort of facial ‘treat’, it could be mask, new exfoliator or cleanser.

Tonight Mr Fridge came up trumps – a knock and glass of red wine was delivered…win!

 Then it’s downstairs for some blogging, Twitter action and general wind down / social media time and lastly I paint my toes red.
I’ve been a red chick on my tootsies since I was 13yrs old, all seasons – no excuses and the polish has to be high brand…OPI coca cola is my current favourite.

 Not long after the paint is dry am I ready for a good book before I close my eyes and the chapter of the weekend comes to a close, I’m fighting fit ready for the week ahead.
This is my ‘peace’ perhaps cliche but a bubble bath and ‘me’ time is how I control the rest of the week – I set the tone and it comes from within.

How do you find peace? (Remember it’s important that you make time for yourself, as much as you make time for your children’s pack lunch boxes or paying those horrible bills…make time, you’re worth it)

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