This is your world…  


Quote by Gary Lew

So it turns out there is a new type of person in society. Previous to this we all blamed ‘them’ because ‘they’ told us to frankly! ‘They’ often let us down and just as we moved on with our lives content in our little bubbles of sparkle and delight…’shapers’ came in.

I know it sounds like some kind of evil marvel character, but once I described them I bet you’ll know loads of them.

A shaper is someone who enters your life and then slowly over time uses your skill set to better themselves. Managers in the work environment often shape, I guess it’s the nature of managing BUT a shaper takes the credit for your hard work and it becomes there idea.

In relationships shapers are also common. It’s good for your boyfriend/girlfriend to enhance your world…but if they’re a shaper they are going to mould you into what they want, for their benefit. Looking back at past relationships I’ll fully agree that I’ve dated a shaper or two, and if I’m really honest I was a shaper for a little while (his girlfriend and now wife should thank me haha).

This quote is a simple one, it’s the eggs on toast of the quote world (quick, easy and good for you)…if you’ve lost who you are or are making changes to suit somebody else’s needs…chances are you’re been ‘shaped’. Like I said previously, if it’s a positive change and you’re happy with it then great – change can be a wonderful thing, but if you are discontent and slightly frustrated then it’s time to shape up! (See what I did there)

We are only around for such a small amount of time, make sure you’re on the pathway you want to be and not cutting though someone else’s route to benefit them.

Have a lovely week 🙂

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