This little space 

  This post is just to say thank you. (And show you my new t-shirt, I adore it but am also aware that I am pulling an odd face in this pic, no idea why?)

 Whatmyfridgesays is only 2 months old, similar to a new baby – it craves my attention, requires me to take endless photos, has interfered with my sleep pattern and…I love it.

I can see it blossoming and I think it’s already enriched my life. I’ve  discovered new friends and with little steps (and still a way to go) overcome a mountain of new skills. That’s pretty special. 

I love reading and I adore people collecting (characters, people’s stories, habits and ‘ways’), blogging lets me do both. Blog lovin is my favourite app and my own blog now pops up in my feed. I’m always surprised to see it and I hope that magic stays forever. (I’m also my only follower – awkward) 

Lots of you in the hustle and bustle of life make time to read it, so this post is for you. It humbles me that you would see it as worth while, that you come back and that even if you didn’t – I’d still write, but I’m so very touched that you do pop by.

Thank you.

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